Use Event Signage to Improve Attendee Experience

Use Event Signage to Improve Attendee Experience

Signage is a simple, yet very important, step in the event planning process. If attendees don’t have clear direction on where to go then their experience could be completely ruined. Being about to find things easily at your event will allow the attendees to fulling indulge in the event experience with one less stress. Signage is also great for advertising and promoting, especially for your sponsors. The key is to create memorable yet informative signage for your attendees. Here are a few tips to improve your event signage.

1. Must Have Event Signage
The best way to fulfill attendees needs is to put yourself in their shoes. Walk through the event venue as if you were an actual attendee and see all the places you need signage. Some examples of places that will signage are the registration area, ticketing, and throughout the venue giving directions on where different aspects of the event are located. This will vary depending on the event type and venue. But this list of signage is essential to every event no matter what:

– Restrooms
– Stages
– Entrance and Exit
– Line entrances
– Social media handles/hashtags
– Vendors
– Electronic charging stations
– Registration
– Customer Service/ Information Booth

2. Creative Event Signage
Once you’ve established where your event signage will be located, think of creative ways to make your signage impactful. Like clothing represents an individual’s style, your signage should represent your event, so dress to impress. To help get you started, here are five signage ideas to improve your guest’s experience:

– Stair wraps: A stair wrap is a sign seen from the bottom of stairs or an escalator. It is a unique way to give attendees direction and brand an unexpected spot at your event.
– Barriers: The barriers used to create borders for the event, the entry and exit, and ones controlling the flow of people can be a little unattractive. Decorating these barriers with signage is a great way to cover blank space and give your attendees direction. Also, great blank canvas for sponsor advertisement.
– Natural landscape: For outdoor venues, use the landscape to your advantage. Hang signage from trees or use the trees to hide unattractive wires or poles. Use flowers to add exciting pops of color. Or even have shrubs sculptured into your sponsor’s name.
– Furniture: Tabletops and bars create great levels for signage. Have informative table tent signs for all tables and bar tops. Also, regular and bar napkins give your sponsors an opportunity to advertise. Advertise on throw pillows, chairs, or television screens.

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