Turn Word of Mouth Marketing into Ticket Sales

Turn Word of Mouth Marketing into Ticket Sales

People are bombarded with thousands of ads on a daily basis. So it only makes sense that they have learned to tune out ads. Now, you have to think of creative ways to gain their attention again. You not only have to grab the attention of the audience you have already, but new ones too. Thanks to the rise of social media, the oldest and most trustworthy form of marketing is more impactful now than ever before. This being word of mouth. Now the trick is to turn word of mouth marketing into ticket sales. So here are some tips on how:

1. Proper Fanbase

The first step is to gain fans that are likely to spread the word quickly without a problem. Have a web page that your fans, aka brand ambassadors, can send their friends to to buy tickets to your event. You can track the ticket sales progress of your brand ambassadors and gage their performances. Another way to get more people to attend your event is using social media influencers. Reach out to influencers on different channels that relate to you and your event, and see if they will promote your event. You can even have them attend for free as another incentive for people to attend.

2. Entice People

Now that your have a team to advertise your event for you, you need to motivate them. Create a rewards program to entice your brand ambassadors, fans, and influencers. Tailor each program to the individual, for example:
The Apprentice: someone who wants to work in the industry your event like music, art, or corporate. They would love rewards like access to speaker meet and greets or backstage access.
The Enthusiast: someone who is marketing your event purely because they love the event. They just want to soak everything in and talk with like-minded individuals. They would enjoy insider workshops or simply just time to experience the event.
The Socializer: someone just looking to have a good time with friends. After party access and things of that nature would entice them.
Sure, money can be a way to entice people. But who’s opinion would you trust more? Someone who is talking about an event purely because they love it, or someone who’s receiving compensation?

3. Make It Personal

People go to events to have an experience. An experience unique to themselves only. And that’s what makes recommendations from peers so valuable for ticket sales. To capitalize on that, use the rewards program to encourages your brand ambassadors to share with their friends individually. Instead of simply passing a promo code around on their social media channels, give them the resources to have one-on-one conversations with friends. Set up multiple options on the event page so that your brand ambassadors can recommend specific experiences to specific friends, like a VIP 3-day festival pass for one, or a one-day pass for another.

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