Top Tips for Successful Food Event Partnerships

Top Tips for Successful Food Event Partnerships

Planning an event is stressful while managing volunteers, organizing execution and before all of that, there are permits to be filed. You have sales goals to make, a brand to build and need quality food event partnerships to give validity to your event. So how do you solidify a partnership that is mutually beneficial and will continue to grow? Take a look at our Top Tips for Successful Food Event Partnerships to find out.

Prepare Plug-in Marketing

mobile phoneWhat is plug-in marketing?

It is a group file or shared board containing digital copies of future marketing posts, graphics, logos, promotions, other vendors, VIP’s, a list of marketing meetings they should plan on attending along with a timeline of your marketing and event itinerary. Every graphic should be easily ‘cut and paste’ so that all vendors can fold seamlessly into your marketing brand creating a fluid strategy across every channel, brand, and stream.

  • Social Media – Each stream has its own picture measurement preferences, include images tailored for each stream at their optimal size with space for your vendor to impose their own logo onto it.
  • Ticket deals or promotions with corresponding social media marketing.
  • V.I.P. information posts.
  • Marketing Timeline (This doesn’t need to have every single post or tweet but should contain all countdown marketing, ticketing deals or big announcements).
  • Promotions anything special you will be selling and the date it will go live.
  • Other vendors social media links to allow a synergistic relationship to form where they can all benefit from promoting one another and in turn, your event will benefit as well.
  • Event Itinerary from set up to break down, this will help ensure your vendors are ready to go and properly staffed when they need to be. Go beyond just when they are allowed to set up, include when you expect an influx of event goers, the best place for their staff to park and when special events are happening. The better they take care of your guests, the better you will look.

Media Relations

man holding a cameraContacting journalists, food bloggers, and social media influencers to cover your event is an easier pitch when you have a strong line up of vendors. Having posts, videos and articles pre-event are as beneficial to you as your food partners. Instead of just offering traditional press passes for during the event, offer V.I.P. passes in exchange for interviews with your restaurants, chefs, and vendors. To expedite the process have your public relations manager set up and track the interviews to keep everything organized and running parallel to your promotion timeline.  Never forget to publically thank them for each piece and their time spent, including a tag to their social media in your posts.

Find the Best Food Event Vendors

Research the restaurants and chefs that align with your brand and have a reach into a demographic that would be interested in your event. Reach out, invite them to become a vendor. Show them the value and exposure your event will bring them. It may seem counter-intuitive to hunt down vendors but signing on the best will only make your event better. Once they are on board, nurture the relationship with exclusive interviews, and videos positioning their brand out front. This may seem like favoritism, but it is about growing awareness of your event as they will have an audience you may not organically have access too.


man mapping his event on a white board to ensure successful food event partnershipsYou should always pre-plan the vendor sites, categorized by type of product offered. Facilitate the most profitable traffic flow for the event partners with the deliberate placement of each partner. Take into account the ease of access to their site, the direct competition and the visibility of the location when deciding where each fits. Paying attention to details will reassure your vendors that they have made the right decision by signing with you. Ask for copies of their menu even if they are only able to give you a tentative version, staggering competing food vendors will help their sales and with the overall disbursement of consumers.

There are hundreds of great events in Atlanta every year but, taking care of your food partnerships will guarantee you are at the top of their list every event season.


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