Top 50 Restaurants in Atlanta for 2018

Top 50 Restaurants in Atlanta for 2018

Atlanta is full of restaurants, and it can be hard to know the good from the bad and to find the diamonds in the rough. That’s where we come in, CulinaryLocal has done extensive research to identify the Top 50 restaurants in Atlanta. We have everything from cafes and diners to Italian and Asian cuisines. We have something for everyone on this list, so no matter what kind of food you like, we’ve found a restaurant for you. We hope that you find this list enlightening and we encourage you to check out some of these great restaurants in Atlanta.


8Arm is a hybrid cafe/restaurant/bar that serves New American food and is one of the best places to eat in Atlanta. They offer counter-service for breakfast and lunch, table service for dinner, and an outdoor patio bar for cocktail hour. 8Arm has dishes for every time of day whether it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks. There will be something for everyone. And with 8ARM’s 45 seat space, there is just enough room for you and friends without it being too crowded.  So make sure to check them out sometime.

Arepa Mia 

Arepa Mia is as up on the times as they come. The entire menu is gluten-free, and all the meat is organic-the restaurant prides itself on supporting local farmers. Their motto is “Happy Stomach, Warm Heart.” One taste of the sifrina, and you’ll understand the motto. Everything is made with love, and it tastes so good that it will have you coming back for more all the time. They are now located in Avondale Estates, but they are worth the drive. So make sure that you check them out sometime you are in the area.


Aria works hard to make memorable meals for any day of the week. With its elegant setting, they can take any meal and make it special. With a daily changing menu featuring real ingredients and simple preparations, they can satisfy your cravings. It is a great place to be a regular at or to visit for a special occasion. Featuring modern American fare, you can’t go wrong with whether you choose at Aria. So check them out often, in order to see all that they have to offer.


Eating out is a treat for all the senses when art is combined with food. Atlas boasts an acclaimed art collection, making it a perfect place for a romantic evening. Described as chef-driven, Atlas offers up a different menu each night, so you’ll never have the same experience twice. Seasonal treats are always on the menu as the restaurant gets ingredients from local farms. Atlas is a fresh, innovative restaurant that focuses on providing guests with lasting memories.

B’s Cracklin’ BBQ

B’s Cracklin BBQ is the ultimate in down-home barbecue. Chef Furman started with humble beginnings but quickly rose to renown with his famous, local Heritage hogs. With incredible barbecue and locally sourced produce and unique spices, it is no surprise that this eatery rose to fame. Fantastic service and mouthwatering food combine for an experience no foodie can miss. This is a great place to lay back and relax, so take your friends with you when you visit.


Chef Anne Quatrano, one of the Top 100 Chefs in Atlanta recently featured by CulinaryLocal, owns this restaurant, one of several under her ownership which has become a prominent fixture in Atlanta’s food scene. Expect white tablecloths, four-course meals paired with wine, caviar service available, and a truly one of a kind experience. Here food is beautifully plated to show off the best of seasonal New American cuisine, made from produce grown at a farm owned and tended by the chef herself.


The menu at BoccaLupo is described as Italian-American, but the chefs think of it as soul food. The true specialty of the house at BoccaLupo is the pasta because all of the pasta is made in-house. There are other dishes to try, but there is nothing better than homemade pasta.  The menu is always changing, and side items may change daily based on the freshest ingredients available that day, so you’re sure to get the best quality no matter what you order. Be sure to check out the extensive wine list to find the perfect glass to pair with your meal!


Bones has been around since 1979 providing Atlanta with the finest cuisine, from delicious steaks to crab cakes and wild salmon.  Bones also has a vast list of fine wines, with hundreds to choose from.  They range from Argentina, Italy, France and more.  There are over 20,000 bottles in their wine room, one of the most spectacular wine rooms in Atlanta.  Bones also has a private dining room available for reservations. It is one of the best places to visit for a special occasion, so make sure to bring someone special to enjoy this place with you.

Bread & Butterfly

The French are known for delicious food, and Bread & Butterfly proves that France deserves the recognition. Classics like croissants and beignets delicious treats, and if you go for lunch, you can fill up on the Burger American served on a house-baked brioche bun. If you’re looking for a fun event, check it out on Bastille Day! There will be food and drink specials on July 14th to celebrate France’s Independence. Plus, this would be one of the best places to go to for a delicious treat. So check it out.

Brush Sushi Izayaki

A self-described Japanese Gastropub, Brush Sushi Izakaya offers Japanese pub fare and chef-driven quality sushi. For the sushi-lovers, there are countless unique rolls like the Salmon and Citrus with sun-dried tomato and cucumber. But there are even options for the less adventurous–like smoked duck breast–making Brush Sushi Izakaya a great place for anyone looking for something new and exciting. Take a group and order appetizers and half-rolls to enjoy a taste of the whole menu!

Busy Bee Cafe

Living in the south makes one appreciate real southern food. One restaurant that is sure to have good southern food is The Busy Bee Cafe. The Cafe has been around since 1947 and has been known for its hospitality and good food. Some of their popular items are their fried chicken, pulled pork, and cornbread. A great thing about the Busy Bee Cafe is that it is located near the Georgia Aquarium, so you can arrive early in the morning and have lunch at this cafe.

Chai Pani

Chai Pani is the place to get authentic Indian food by delivering a menu and atmosphere that is as diverse as the country’s own culture. Created by two-time James Beard Award-nominated chef and restaurateur Meherwan Irani, Chai Pani arrived in Decatur, Ga. in 2013 and serves up a variety of authentic menu options ranging from “chaat” (small plates) and sandwiches to “uttapam” (Indian crepes), thalis (home-style entrees), desserts, beverages and signature craft cocktails.

Cibo e Beve

Cibo e Beve is an authentic Italian restaurant that always uses seasonal and local ingredients to perfect their dishes.  Executive Chef and Partner Linda Harrell’s passion for the culinary arts got her on the cover of Chef’s Magazine in June of 2017!  Cibo e Beve has such a spectacular and expansive wine list that they were featured on The Wine Spectator in October 2016 as one of the best wine lists in the world. So if you are a fan of wine and Italian food, Cibo e Beve is the place to go.

Community Q BBQ

Located in Decatur on Clairmont Road. Food is cooked fresh daily at Community Q BBQ, so you will definitely be enjoying some of the best BBQ out there! Community Q has a menu like a large variety of options, like pulled pork and pulled chicken, smoked beef brisket, and mild smoked sausage. Yummy sides like fries, collards, slaw, and potato salad are available, too. Need to satisfy a sweet tooth? Be sure to try the banana pudding and the blueberry bread pudding! Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Cooks & Soldiers

Cooks & Soldiers is an upscale restaurant located in the Westside Provision. Cooks & Soldiers offers cuisine from Spain’s Basque region, including a variety of wood-grilled fish, meats, and vegetables, tapas, and unique desserts. It is a great restaurant that allows you to experience lots of different things. Also, the portions are shareable, so you should bring a friend with you in order to help you eat all of the food you will get. Because it will be a lot. So be sure to check Cooks & Soldiers out.

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

Looking to try a unique restaurant with unique and tasty flavors?  Then come to Desta Ethiopian Kitchen!  Your taste buds are in for an adventure.  Desta has a full menu with different meats, sandwiches, salads, pastas, and rice.  Desta is located in the Williamsburg Village in Atlanta.  They have live entertainment every Monday from 6:00 pm until close.  There is also a chicken Monday special, so come check it out!  Desta also does private events!

Empire State South

Open bright and early at 7 a.m. every weekday (4 p.m. on Saturdays and 10 a.m. on Sundays), Empire State South serves up some unforgettable breakfast. Diners can choose between plates of chicken fried sandwiches and classic breakfast bagels to signature bowls of oatmeal and their special ricotta omelets. If you don’t want breakfast, try out their fried rice with kimchi and sweet potatoes. And if you want to relax, you can play bocce ball on their patio. There is a lot of things to be had at Empire State South.

Food Terminal

If you are interested in trying out Malaysian cuisine food and Asian street food, Food Terminal is the place to the place to go. Located on Buford Highway, Food Terminal makes you feel like you are in a different country with not just the food, but the setting as well. However, before you go, you might want to research before you go because they have so many dishes that it might be impossible for you to choose if you don’t prepare beforehand. Food Terminal gives you an authentic Asian cuisine experience, so check it out.

Fox Bros’ BBQ

Located in Candler Park on Dekalb Avenue. Brothers Jonathan and Justin Fox opened their restaurant in August 2007, and since then it has grown to include their quick service “Que”-Osk on Ottley Drive as well as Fox Bros @ the Terrapin Taproom at The Battery! Enjoy classics like pulled pork and beef brisket as well as their amazing fried pickles! The menu also offers a signature burger as well as a jalapeno cheddar sausage sandwich! The main location is open daily for lunch and dinner, so you can enjoy great BBQ at any time!

Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano

To add to the Little Italia restaurants, Gio Di Parma did not stop with Antico Pizza.  He went on to create Gio’s Chicken in Atlanta and Miami.  Gio’s Chicken has a wide selection of delicious pastas, paninis, and more!  Visit the Atlanta location in Westside! Come experience Gio Di Parma’s dishes firsthand! While the atmosphere is casual, it is a fun place to go. You may even make a new friend because of the communal tables. If you are a fan of Antico’s Pizzeria, then Gio’s Chicken is another place to check out.

Gu’s Dumplings

Similar to Gu’s Bistro, Gu’s Dumplings is the place to eat dumplings and noodles and is located in Krog’s Market. While their Zhong Style dumplings and Chengdu cold noodle dishes come highly recommended, they have a lot more to offer. Plus, these dishes are made for sharing, so make sure that you bring your friends and family with you to share in the experience. If you wanted to try out dumplings and noodle, Gu’s Dumplings is the place to go so grab your friends and go!


Chef Kevin Gillespie, one of CulinaryLocal’s Top 100 Chefs, founded Gunshow with a need to do something different.  The cuisine here is to be found nowhere else.  With Brazilian-churrascaria style dining and Chinese sum dum,  the fun experience sure meets the inventive cuisine.  The dishes are brought out on carts to the guests so they can choose what they want.  You won’t find anything else like it! Plus, everything is transparent because they are very few walls, so you will be able to see them cook everything up. It is a great experience, so make sure to go.

Heirloom Market BBQ

Located on Akers Mill Road. Owned by Chefs Cody Taylor (a native Southerner) and Jiyeon Lee (a South Korean ex-pat). At Heirloom Market, “simple, classic, and fresh are three adjectives that should never be lost when providing such a polarizing cuisine as BBQ.” Their simple menu is packed with unique flavor! Enjoy classic pulled chicken and turkey breast, and you can also enjoy spicy Korean pork and smoked kielbasa! Heirloom Market is open Tuesday – Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Home Grown

Home Grown offers great country cooking for amazing prices with a comfortable atmosphere. Eggs, bacon, pancakes and all manner of comfort food brought straight to you will herald back memories of grandma’s cooking and good times. The laid-back atmosphere and amazing food will have you asking for another plate and returning for more. Home Grown is a popular neighborhood spot and a must-see for anyone traveling, so make sure to bring anyone that is visiting here. Then they can experience real southern food.

La Tavole 

La Tavola is located in the Virginia Highlands, perfect for a bite to eat as you venture around Piedmont Park.  Who can resist an Italian restaurant that serves tasty pane carasau smoked trout, grilled calamari, calabrian pork sausage, and more!  And who doesn’t love spaghetti and meatballs?  La Tavola’s spaghetti and veal meatballs were named one of the “101 Dishes to Eat in Atlanta Before You Die.” If you want to experience real Italian cuisine, La Tavole is one of the best places to go.

Mamakbest restaurants in Atl

Vibrant, cozy restaurant serving up Malaysian food, street style! For those that haven’t had Malaysian food, it’s a must to try, with few “weird” ingredients as some of my friends won’t try. It’s comfort food at its best, a celebration of flavor which blends the best of the cultures nearby. Super tasty! Head over to Mamak for lunch or dinner any day of the week except for Thursday, for all types of days. Feeling chilled? Try some soup. Feeling hot? Get a one of a kind shaved ice. This is a popular place and seating is limited so keep that in mind when making plans.

Masterpiecetop restaurants Atlanta

Chef Rui Lui’s Chinese restaurant has quickly grown since it’s opening. Already a certified master Chef in China, he had written three cookbooks before coming to the US and opening his very successful restaurant Masterpiece. His success garnered him a nomination this year for the James Beard award, where he was a semifinalist. Open for lunch and dinner, with a wide variety on the menu to try. Located in an unassuming strip mall, this is a quintessential hole-in-the-wall type of place, which is always a fun find.

Miller UnionBest 50 restaurants in Atlanta

New American/Southern cuisine, in a casual restaurant serving up farm-fresh food. Named after the former Miller Union Stockyards which occupied a full block of Atlanta’s meatpacking district in the 1880s, before burning and being rebuilt as warehouses which have now been repurposed in part into the Miller Union Restaurant of today. Chef Steven Satterfield has based his menu and restaurant around farm-fresh, meaning his menu is ever changing with the season and availability of ingredients. The food here is simple, yet creative with flavors shine through to create an “mmm” moment.

Nam PhuongTop 50 restaurants in Atl

A Buford Highway Vietnamese restaurant, that accommodates all sizes of groups and is great for family or work outings. Expect to find traditional Vietnamese dishes on the menu, with very traditional ingredients that most Americans have never thought about eating. That being said, if you aren’t feeling adventurous during your visit, there are plenty of other dishes to accommodate any dinner, the menu is extensive. The Pho here has been noted by more than a few, especially considering all the choices nearby on Buford Highway. So, if this is your first time eating Vietnamese and unsure of what to get, go with the Pho.

No. 246Greatest restaurants in Atlanta

Located in the heart of Decatur, this is a fun, casual restaurant to experience that has some of the best food in Atlanta. Here guests have the option of regular seating, the Chef’s Counter (special pricing) or the Black Sheep Table (special pricing). The communal Black Sheep Table accommodates up to 12 people for family-style dining. The Chef’s Counter is a 5-course dinner prepared for up to 4 people who are sitting right at the edge of the kitchen. Come in for dinner, dessert and drinks most days, with brunch on weekends. Expect to find an Italian based menu including all the expected items and a few tasty surprises!

Noble Fintop 50 Atlanta restaurants

Look for this hotspot in Peachtree Corners. This restaurant serves high-quality seafood and steaks. Executive Chef Thuan Nguyen, has a resume including many Atlanta well-known restaurants, in his second year at the helm at Noble Fin he continues to maintain the restaurant’s reputation and standards while incorporating his personal touch to some key menu items. Looking for a nice Oyster happy hour? Look no further. “Buck a Shuck” is a nightly special for those sitting at the bar to enjoy.

O4W Pizzabest restaurants of atlanta

Counter-service type venue with communal seating serving up Jersey-style pizzas Tuesday through Thursday. Here’s a twist for those that haven’t yet been here, the pizzas are rectangular. The pizza master here is Jersey born Anthony Spina. He grew up working side by side with his Uncle, learning the art of best pizza making. Here’s the secret, nothing fancy, no gimmicks, no trends, just quality ingredients and simple. That’s the way it should be made, but find out for yourself by visiting O4W Pizza. You will taste the difference.

One Eared Stagtop 50 restaurants atlanta

This quirky restaurant serves up house-cured meats and pickled veggies, in an overall American cuisine sort of way. Weekdays stop by the bar or patio area for the double deal, of $1 oysters and $1 beers. Also let’s make Mondays something to look forward too, with Fried Chicken Night available every Monday until they run out. Chef Robert Phalen cooks up food that can only be described as subtle flavor combinations that are familiar and delicious. This Chef is a true farm-to-table chef. Join him for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks, he’ll have something for everyone.

Porch Light Latin Kitchenbest restaurants in atlanta

Chef Andre Gomez grew up in Puerto Rico, he has created his feeling of home and community with his part restaurant, part lunch counter, part Latin deli establishment. One of the things that makes this Chef’s Latin food stand out from the rest, is his techniques of grilling and smoking the meats that go into most of his dishes. To get the home flavors he loves so much, he also sources as many ingredients possible from local farmers, making as many dishes from scratch that he can. Open for lunch, dinner, and dessert, expect crowds and lots of noise, just like you would for a family get together.

top 50 restaurants in atlantaRestaurant Eugene

Farm to table dining with an extensive wine list, set in an intimate, sophisticated space. The Chefs that run this place are Linton and Gina Hopkins, two James Beard Award winners. This restaurant doesn’t just talk farm-to-table, they show homage to the farmers that make their food possible by sprinkling their names throughout their establishment. They also make as much of their food from scratch as possible. Expect a small menu, that covers the spectrum of high-end American cuisine, with artistically beautiful plates.

top restaurants in AtlantaRising Son

A comfortable spot for southern style breakfast and lunch, this place also makes their own sodas. Owners Hudson and Kathryn Fitzgerald Rouse have a strong belief that the best food all starts with the soil in the ground and your willingness to get your hands dirty. So it’s not a surprise that their food is farm-to-table fresh. Their goal is to make great food for blue collar folk. They want the tradition of mom and pop places to maintain in Atlanta, so expect a simple place that is great for families with great food. Mainly a breakfast and lunch place they are open Friday and Saturday for dinner.

top restaurants in atlantaRumi’s Kitchen

Persian cuisine offered in a modern setting with covered outdoor patio. Growing up in Iran, Chef Ali Mesghali learned the food from his family, and as he grew older this interest became a passion. A perfectionist, he is constantly making strides forward to provide the best food and atmosphere possible for his guests, because of this, he has raised the bar for expectations in Atlanta for Persian food and continues to set new standards with each dish he creates. Rumi’s is now in two locations, Sandy Springs and Alpharetta.

Seed Kitchen & Bartop 50 restaurants in Atlanta

American cuisine with Latin and Asian twists served in a sleek atmosphere. This Atlanta restaurant is the place for unpretentious comfort food, that gathers family, friends, and neighbors together for memory making nights. The menu is seasonal, with ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. Chef Doug Turbush has excelled at all things culinary he has done here and internationally, bring years of experience and immersion in the culinary arts from the very cultures themselves he combines the best of all to recreate American cuisine. Come in for a fun, affordable night out to see what he’s cooking up!

Springtop 50 restaurants atl

This rustic-chic restaurant is known for it’s New American style food created farm-to-table style. Located in Marietta Square, they highlight ingredients that support local farmers and artisans who raise food ethically. Their approach to food is to keep it simple while using the best ingredients to create the best flavors.  Spring serves dinner, dessert, and drinks from Tuesday to Saturday nights. It will some of the best things you will eat, so check out what this creative chef is making this Fall season.

Staplehousetop 50 restaurants atlanta area

This New American restaurant and bar are a little unique in a few ways. Its conception came about from a charity organization in Atlanta the Giving Kitchen, today it is a for-profit subsidiary of that organization. The Giving Kitchen provides emergency assistance to restaurant workers through times of crisis (medical, etc). So help out the local community by dining out, only open for dinner. This is a neighborhood type establishment, walk-in ready for the patio and lounge areas with a limited menu. Reservations only for the tasting menu experience and beverage pairing.

Sushi Hayakawatop 50 Atlanta restaurants

Located in the famed international food emporium on Buford highway, this Japanese restaurant serves the expected classics of Japanese cuisine – sushi, hot dishes, and sake. Chef Atsushi Hayakawa, has created a name for himself with the finest fish selections in Atlanta. He sources from markets in Japan and worldwide. Keeping with the traditional style of the finest sushi shops in Japan, you will find yourself transported into another culture while only making the short trek down Buford Highway.

Taqueria del solTop 50 restaurants in ATL

At first glance, these venues might seem a little fast-foody, with the order and pick up line, but that is where the similarities end. This chain of restaurants has created a fun atmosphere where customers can get food fast, but not fast food. All food is made from scratch, in the styles of Southern, Mexican, and Southwestern. The menu is Mexican driven but heavily influenced by the other cultures. This is a great stop for a quick, cheap and tasty lunch or dinner options. Also features a full bar, and just for fun a build-your-own Margaritas option.

Top 50 restaurants in Atlanta areaThe Colonnade Restaurant

Cash only institute serving southern favorites. This family owned and operated restaurant is dedicated to serving quality meals and friendly service. They feature their own homemade dressings, sauces, pies, and a favorite – homemade yeast rolls. Their generously portioned plates of chicken, steaks, seafood, and pork aim to please. With a nightly unique Chef special, that is innovative while hometown tasty. This large space has a full-service bar and a fireplace inside for ambiance.

The General Muir

A modern American take on the classic Jewish deli, The General Muir stands as an example for humble beginnings everywhere. The General Muir is open for freshly baked breakfast, lunch, irresistible dinner, and brunch on the weekends. Also, you might want to join the locals in enjoying their fried chicken Friday nights. It will be worth it and you may want to become a local yourself. With a fully stocked wine, beer, and cocktail bar, everyone will leave with a full belly and a wide smile.

The Optimist

The Optimist brings the best, freshest seafood from all over the country. With oysters from the Alabama coast and scallops from Maine, the Optimist is the freshest in Atlanta seafood. They offer a place that combines formal and informal. If you want a nice fancy dinner, their dining room is perfect. If you are looking for something more low key, their Oyster bar offers that kind of atmosphere.  Bring your family for a trendy dinner or come to try the Oyster Bar with over ten breeds of oysters.

Ticonderoga Club

The Ticonderoga Club is a meeting place for the slightly mysterious, the wayward stranger, and the casual foodie looking for a great meal with an interesting flair. This is the perfect locale to bring the friends, compatriots, or the guest that prefers to drink their dinner. Serving dinner (every day except Wednesday) and brunch on Sundays, this is the interesting little nook to inspire and amaze anyone and is certainly one of the best restaurants in Atlanta.


Tomo is definitely a high-class place. It is housed inside the Ritz Carlton Residences in Buckhead. Tomo offers artful sushi & a lengthy sake list. The Japanese dishes are created to have unique flavor combinations. This is due to the fact that Chef Naito will often use French and Italian ingredients in traditional Japanese dishes. Eating at Tomo may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it would be well worth it. So if you ever have the chance to try it, make sure you don’t back out.

Watershed on Peachtree

Looking for a southern classic? Check out another one of the best restaurants in Atlanta –  Watershed on Peachtree. Some favorites there are the chicken and dumplings and tomato pie. And, of course, they have the best fried chicken around, but it is only available on Wednesdays. If the delicious food isn’t enough to tempt you, try their monthly wine event! You’ll get 20 tastes of wine for $20, and you’ll also get to sample some light bites from the chef.

Wrecking Bar Pub

Going above and beyond the norm, Wrecking Bar Brew Pub offers exciting events throughout the week. Enjoy a new vegetarian special every Tuesday or a special wood-aged beer on Wednesdays. And every Friday, the restaurant taps a casked beer for the crowd. While you’re enjoying the drinks, you can try the best octopus appetizer in the city or some of the other favorites. Regulars love the fondue or the meat and cheese plate. Fun fact: all the meats are cured in-house.

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