Top 4 Tips for Promoting Your Event on Culinary Websites

Top 4 Tips for Promoting Your Event on Culinary Websites

You might be wondering “why should I promote my event through a culinary website when I can simply post to my own social media page?” Well the answer is simple, to bring in new consumers. Here are some tips to ensure you are getting everything you need when promoting your event on a culinary website such as CulinaryLocal.

  1. Be sure you set goals.

When organizing an event, you need to set attainable goals. Once you have your goals in place be sure to discuss these needs to the representative setting up your event. This way you can evaluate whether or not your event was a success. Setting goals with a representative also allows you to confirm accountability and let you know whether or not to use a particular culinary website for future events.

  1. Social Media.


Social media has completely changed the way organizations do business. Be sure to create a strong and creative social media campaign surrounding your event. Look at the social media pages of other events posted on the website you would like to use. Many times, these other organizations can help inspire your own campaign tailored to your own needs. You can also reach out to similar events and plan a joint event in the future which will bring both markets together.

Create fun and active hashtags to help promote your services. Be sure to emphasize aspects of the event they can only achieve by attending. Do not allow yourself to get caught up on ticket sales that you do not affectively campaign your event.

  1. Use past events.

Be sure to use photographs and reviews to promote your next event. Stock photos can become dull and seem simulated causing the audience to turn away. Be sure to entice them with other real reviews and photos. Be sure to post your events to review based websites such as Yelp in order to allow a greater audience to recommend events or inform you of mistakes made. Even a bad review can be used to improve future events and be sure to market the improvements as well to draw back those who disliked the previous.

  1. Use well-known bloggers and influencers.


Research well known influencers of the culinary field in your area. Once you have a list of influencers in mind, then reach out to them and offer some free tickets if they attend and will promote. Influencers usually have a great following and can help sell an event. They can also write great reviews that will help others on the border pick whether or not to attend. Influencers can also simply get the word out for you. Many times events can go unnoticed without the help of others and having a blogger or influencer help your event may achieve a much higher audience than prior.

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