Top 4 Event Failures to Avoid

Top 4 Event Failures to Avoid

No one wants to have their event looked at as a joke. Mismanaged events can become quite the disappointment. And when attendees are disappointed, that can cost you money and your reputation. It’s important to learn from the mistakes of past events. By doing so, you can prepare for any obstacles that may come. Here are four common event failures to avoid to make sure your event runs smoothly.

1. Missing paperwork
All events require important paperwork. By being disorganized with documents like licenses and permits, you put yourself at risk. You could have your event canceled or even sued. Do your research early to see what kind of permits you may need. Also, get all contracts signed, copies, and filed for your venue and vendors. Make sure all fire codes, capacity limits, and safety precautions are all up to regulations.

2. Faulty logistics
You must think of every little detail of the event and make sure it’s prepared. How many events have you been to where the traffic patterns are backed up and parking is impossible, all because the event organizers didn’t prepare for mass attendance? To avoid this start by putting contingency plans in place early. A few logistics to be prepare for are any possible weather conditions, proper staffing, and registration.

3. Inaccessible venue
You don’t want anyone to be excluded from your event. This includes anyone in a wheelchair, who have service animals, or any other disability. Also consider the multiple ways people are transporting to your event. By choosing a venue that has adequate ramps, stairs, and elevators you can avoid alienating attendees. You can extend this consideration by including sign language interpreters or special reserved seating. Contact public transit to figure out proper route from attendees to get to and from your events.

4. Bathroom problems
Events with mass amounts of people hold a reputation of having not so pleasant restrooms. If you provide better bathrooms, your event will be sure to stand out. Make sure you have enough access to bathrooms and staff monitoring their cleanliness. Keep the stalls stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.


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