Top 10 Weird Restaurants in Atlanta

Top 10 Weird Restaurants in Atlanta

Being a little weird has never been so good! Atlanta like any great city has its quirks. From the tiny doors that we find sporadically throughout the city (I’ve personally found 3!), to the doll-head trail, the alternative universe Atlanta plaque, to a millionaire’s vendetta against gravity commemorated by a headstone. Southerner’s celebrate their crazy, weird, strange, and a little bit off. So I look to Atlanta’s food and drink scene to see how far these quirks go. These weird restaurants in Atlanta are for the adventurous soul or for a good friend that lost a bad bet.

The South celebrates its love of crazy with menus that include: Antelope, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Breakfast Pizzas, Squid Ink, Armadillo eggs, surprising cocktails, and some surprisingly themed restaurants. Let’s all live a little crazy and enjoy something on the weird in Atlanta list.

Five Seasons Breweryantelope patty melt five seasons brewery, one of the top weird restaurants in Atlanta

With three locations, you can find antelope patty melts on the menu, for the adventurous. For some other interesting combinations check out Sweet Tea Brined Southern Fried Organic Chicken, Coca-Cola cured Duck Breast, Granny Serrano grilled pizza which includes toppings like ham, caramelized apples, sweet onions, and parsley. Of course, they have other things, that are more expected for Southern cuisine, for those friends you bring along with you who just can’t do that weird food.

unique atlantaCanoe

Check out this amazing venue, right on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in the Vinings area of Atlanta. Sample their Peppercorn crusted Kangaroo and save room for a Popcorn Ice Cream Sundae with Canoe’s Cracker Jacks. I’ve never had Kangaroo so not really sure what to expect there, however that popcorn ice cream sundae is making me drool just thinking about it. I can’t think of a more perfect place for a lazy weekend afternoon this summer, the calming river views, outdoor and indoor seating depending on preference, with views of a well-manicured garden with great food and live music to boot!

10 Degrees Southunusual atlanta

Located in the Buckhead area, is a modern restaurant and lounge with a big patio area, inspired by South African flavors. For the main course try the Ostrich Medallions served with a red-wine rosemary sauce, mashed potatoes, and vegetables, but if you’re feeling a little hungrier or more adventurous, for a pre-meal appetizer order their chicken livers in peri-peri sauce. Some might be asking what’s the big deal is about chicken livers? I have to say it’s a personal thing. I’ve tried liver of different kinds, it will always remain on my very short but personal list of strange foods.

Osteria 832crazy atlanta

This restaurant has combined two of my favorite things, pizza, and breakfast! Part of me is a little surprised I haven’t heard of this before and part of me is wondering how this is really going to work out. Let’s try it out together! Come in for brunch, and pick between two choices: the Breakfast Pizza or Benedict Pizza. The Breakfast Pizza includes two eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, parmigiano & mozzarella, with a choice of Italian sausage, bacon or cotto ham. The Benedict Pizza includes two poached eggs, pancetta, spinach & mozzarella, drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

Gunshowbizarre food atlanta

Here we find Squid Ink Rigatoni which includes sofrito sauce, pickled mussels, olives, and saffron. This makes the weird list because I’ve only ever had squid ink in food because I wasn’t as good at cleaning squid as I thought. Also pickled mussels…I love mussels and I love pickled things, but together? I reserve judgement until I’ve tried it! Then dessert, we have…Chicken Liver Mousse…with dark chocolate, pistachio, port, and cherry. I don’t think that has ever crossed my mind before to try. However, my food philosophy is to try everything at least once and it just made my list!

Cowtippers Steak and Spiritsbizarre atlanta

Come in to enjoy an Armadillo Egg appetizer or try them on a burger named the Flaming Armorette! Personally, I didn’t even know Armadillos laid eggs, not that I’ve ever really thought about this. Who said you couldn’t learn random facts by eating out? Also if you are the thirsty type, like me, they have two cocktails that made my list for the unusual. Try their Rainbow Fishbowl, a cocktail made with Swedish fish candy, or their Avocado Margarita. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Swedish Fish, even though I have a friend or two that is obsessed. However, I’d go for an Avocado Rita any day!

Jamrock Restaurantweird atlanta

This restaurant made the list because of the drinks on their menu. These three drinks are common throughout the Caribbean but not so common here. Peanut punch, Sorrel, and Irish moss. I’ve had peanut punch before, I have to say it was strangely satisfying and I’d drink it again in a heartbeat! Sorrel is a plant similar to spinach when made into a drink tastes similar to raspberry or hibiscus. Irish moss, I had to look up, and I have to say it’s a good one for the weird. The Irish moss drink is made from boiling alga while adding sweetened condensed milk, spices, and rum. An alcoholic alga drink, who knew?

Bone Garden Cantinaweird atlanta

This restaurant located a little west of Midtown is a great spot to get some home-style Mexican food and drinks, but what makes it even better for this list, is the Day of the Dead theme they have year round. Also they have their trusty spokes pup, Jezebel, helping customers to celebrate all the holidays year round! You can find her dressed up with friends on their social media accounts. Also on Day of the Dead come in for their unique handmade sugar skulls, all different and quite a work of art!

Local Threeweird atlanta

Are you a fan of The Big Lebowski? Well, so is this chef/owner. In fact, he’s so obsessed it is rumored that one of the three in the Local Three is the Dude from The Big Lebowski. Here you will find artwork, Easter eggs from the movie, even relevant drinks (Caucasians and White Russians) on the menu. It might not be a bad idea to get a refresher on the movie before coming in and taking a look around this restaurant, you may be surprised at what you find. Part of the Local Three creed is to be true to yourself and who you are, because of that, we in Atlanta get to enjoy a Big Lebowski themed restaurant. Kudos!

The Vortexstrange atlanta

The Vortex is fun, unique and makes this list mainly because of its entrance. First time customers will be able to spot this place easily, with its larger than life skull of the crazy scooby-doo possessed eye variety. You must enter through its gaping mouth, and be over 21 since it is a bar. While this venue has multiple locations the one I’m talking about specifically is in Little Five Points. This bar is mainly known for its burgers and drink selection with live music of the rock ‘n’ roll variety. Keeping with the why not, fun theme have a chuckle over some of the drink names, “Big Naked Weenie” or “Fat Elvis”.

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