Top 10 Oyster Bars in Atlanta Area

Top 10 Oyster Bars in Atlanta Area

It’s my Birthday Month! And every year I get oysters! So hurrah, it’s oyster time! That means an article about the top ten oyster bars in Atlanta! Not being home, the tradition is a little different. I used to drive out to Tamales Bay, an absolutely gorgeous drive along Highway 1, right on the edge of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, and buy a dozen or two oysters, and fire up the BBQ. The BBQ seems to be a rare way of cooking oysters on this coast. I would place the oysters on the grill let them cook until they pop open. Open them the rest of the way, and put a sauce on them (pace picante, Worcestershire and soy sauce my favorite! However many people use garlic butter) and back onto the BBQ for a little finishing. Then yum, yum its food time!

Here it’s all about going out to a restaurant for oysters, and this article will be the deciding factor for me. So maybe I’ll see you! Shout out for Birthday Oysters in Atlanta!

Fountain’s Oyster HouseFontaine's Oyster House Atlanta

Old fashioned pub house with covered patio. Expect a casual atmosphere. This is the place where good food, good drink, and good people come together. Oyster menu choices include raw, steamed, roasted, Rockefeller, crab & bacon, scampi, and a sampler plate. Tuesdays are half priced oyster for a dozen on the half shell. Also on the menu is a fried oyster basket, fried oyster tacos, oyster stew and two choices of seafood combo platers including oysters.

LureLure Oyster Bar

Midtown New American seafood eatery with custom cocktails in an inviting 1920s refurbished bungalow. This restaurant is unique with its wood paneled, open exterior. Menu includes oysters on the half shell and broiled oysters. This restaurant somehow fluidly combines the seaside fish house feel with the fine dining seafood restaurant, meaning dress up or dress down, grab a beer and a platter or enjoy a four course meal. At this Atlanta fish house, do it your way.

The OptimistThe Optimist Oyster Bar Atlanta

Seafood fare set in a loft-style modern space. Menu includes ten or more seasonally revolving types of oysters from all over, eat them on ice or wood-fired. Happy hour $1 oysters Monday thru Friday 5:00 – 6:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday 3:00 – 5:00pm. Happy Hour also includes a baker’s dozen. From the menu, three sizes of Plateaux can be ordered which includes a variety of seafood with oysters, or guest can get a seafood gumbo with oysters or fried oysters.

Kimball HouseKimball House Oyster Bar

Kimball House is a nod toward the luxury hotel experience from an age gone by, inspired by a hotel in Atlanta that no longer exists. Enjoy food that is a direct reflection of the seasons, farms, and the personalities that create it. Weekday raw bar Happy Hour is from 5:00 – 7:00pm! With choices of oysters from several different regions along the South and East coast. Grilled oysters for hors d’oeuvres. They also take their cocktails here very seriously, so try something new that is fresh from the bar.

Goin’ CoastalGoin' Coastal Oysters

Two locations, Canton and Highlands. Their menus include, Oyster Rockerfeller, Oyster Loud Mouth (mushrooms, andouille, bread crumbs and citrus aioli), crab & shrimp stuffed oysters, and oysters on the half shell sold by dozen or half dozen. On the specialty menu there is also a fried seafood platter available with oysters. This is a sustainable seafood joint, with its primary mission to provide the best quality seafood while keeping its future alive and healthy.

One Eared StagOne Eared Stag Oyster Atlanta

Friendly neighborhood bar and restaurant with quirky décor serves mostly American fare. Weekday specials 5:00 – 7:00pm $1 oysters and $1 beer! Happy hour is only available at the bar and patio areas. Lunch, brunch and dinner oysters served inside from the main menu. The Chef and owner Robert Phalen has a following for his methods of creating uncommon flavors and using uncommon methods to create tasty food. So stop by for a visit to see just what sets him apart from all the others.

C&S Seafood and Oyster BarC & S oysters, one of the top oyster bars in Atlanta

French and American cuisines meet here, with an extensive oyster menu from all over. For hors d’oeuvres, there are two options for oysters, RC’s charbroiled oysters and Rockerfeller oysters. Also from the main menu customers can share plateaux de fruits de mer with two options of petite or grand, and for lunch oyster po’ boys or a fried oyster plate. Walking in here, customers should expect white table clothes, low lighting, and upscale cushioned seating, with a contemporary polished decor.

BeetleCatBeetleCat Oysters Atl

This oysterette is an upscale gastropub and cocktail lounge, featuring custom drinks, and food based around seafood. Oyster happy hour, Monday 4:00pm til close, and the rest of the week 4:00 til 6:00pm. The oyster menu includes oysters from all regions. Visitors can also order oysters baked with Parmesan horseradish and panko, or a plateaux to share with all other sorts of seafood included. Visitors walking in will discover a comfortable mid-century inspired family restaurant.

Hammock’s Trading CompanyHammock's Trading Company Oyster

Seafood bar, lively music and patio area. Order by the ½ dozen or full dozen, Bloody Mary shooter, Rockerfeller, on the half shell, baked with crab and jalapeno, grilled with garlic and Parmesan, or grilled with BBQ bacon butter. There is also a jumbo seafood platter including oysters, if you’d like a little of everything. Guests can also order fried oyster baskets and oyster po’ boys. Discover a festive deck patio area, while inside colorful hammocks hang from the ceiling.

Pig and the PearlPig and Pearl Oysters

Smokehouse fare, including oyster and craft cocktails in a friendly restaurant with covered tin roof patio area. Located in bustling Atlantic Station, expect a lively crowd inside. $1 oysters everyday from 4:00-6:00pm. Menu includes 3 oysters to choose from. Customers can also get platers which come in three sizes and includes a variety of seafood including oysters. Also they can order an oyster shooter, complete with lemon infused vodka, or signature Mary mix, and scallions.

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