Top 10 Local Coffee Shops

Top 10 Local Coffee Shops

I will say I’m not much of a coffee drinker, however, I do have a soft spot for coffee shops in Atlanta. The quirkier the better. I love the little random names and things that make them completely special from any other place, yet it allows people to relax and do whatever – socialize, work, school, etc.

The smell of coffee settles us. The background noise seems to allow us to focus in ways that any other time would only annoy us. There is always something going on, the small groups that meet, study groups, dates, or just thinking time. There is something unique about these places that draws me back again and again. Since I’m there, coffee of some sort seems the right thing to do. These local, sometimes hidden gems, draw in a neighborhood and connect a community in unexpected ways. Try one out. Take a sip. Sit back and let life be.

Octane Coffee Barcoffee shops in Atlanta

Octane is definitely well known in Atlanta, with six locations throughout. For the past 12 years, co-owners Tony and Diane Riffel have made these shops establishments of their communities. They are committed to the craft and quality of their products, but just as important or more so to what they offer the community. In 2011, Brett Burton joined their team, helping to expand their approach to coffee. Together this team has created cultural hubs, where people can come together to connect over an excellently brewed cup or glass. They offer coffee and cocktails drinks alongside bites.

Condesa Coffeecup of coffee

Serving it up at two locations, here the passion is all in the details. Expect to find everything from the perfect shot of espresso, an exceptionally handcrafted cocktail, to homemade chocolate syrup. They want to know where their ingredients are coming from, and they are committed to serving them just right. With a commitment to urbanism and historic preservation, they are housed in buildings that are historically relevant in the neighborhoods and in the process of being repurposed.

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallerycoffee shops in atlanta

Come check out this little gem in the Grant Park area, another one of the best coffee shops in Atlanta. Try some of their great coffee while looking over the art decorating the walls inside and out. The art featured is all local artists. Being very artsy the inside has fairy light strung across the ceiling. This place also hosts lots of events, so if you are looking to get out of the house check out their website for open mike nights, book clubs, animation meetings and more. Their menu includes cold and hot drinks, baked goods and sandwich plates.

Dancing Goats Coffeehousecoffee shops in atlanta

Three locations in Atlanta area, this small chain originally started in Olympia, WA. Then the Batdorf + Bronson brand moved a shop to Atlanta to spread the coffee and coffeehouse magic to the East Coast. The name originates from a legend in Ethiopia of a goat herder who noticed his goats dancing around after eating a fruit from a nearby bush, curious he tried it too not wanting to miss out on the fun and was soon dancing around. He’d just discovered coffee. All shops feature free wifi.

Chattahoochee Coffee Companycoffee shops in Atlanta

Two locations around Atlanta. Their words to live by, “Coffee: commitment to excellence. Community: commitment to social consciousness. Justice: a commitment to relationships.” Expect an interior similar to a lodge with lots of natural light and an outdoor seating area that overlooks the Chattahoochee River, just right for a perfect sunny day. One of these locations is inside a gated apartment complex, so the coffee shop is only open to nonresidents on weekdays.

Ebrik Coffee Roomcoffee shops in atlanta

Conveniently located at the downtown GSU campus, it’s a bustling place. This homey little shop is run by owners that will make you feel like an old friend or family. They don’t just serve coffee and non-coffee, check out their selection of bites all from Highland Bakery. This place is all about community, culture, and comfort. Speaking of community, there are a lot of events going on here, so stop by to check out spoken word poetry slams, book launches, short films, or charity campaigns.

Taproom Coffeecoffee shop atlanta

This is a specialty coffee and craft beer hot spot. Can’t decide what you want? That’s okay, here you don’t have too. Plenty of seating and free wifi. Lots of upcoming events, check them out for Mother’s Day or if you already have that covered, find something fun for yourself and friends by looking at their upcoming event listings online. Food items are made by two Atlanta based companies, H&F Bread Co and Ratio Bakeshop. For coffee lovers looking to try something new, each month they feature a guest roaster.

Land of a Thousand Hillscoffee shops Atlanta

Four locations in the Atlanta area, this is a coffeehouse chain. Based around excellent coffee, this franchise works to foster an environment that welcomes everyone no matter their background, beliefs, or questionable TV choices. They honor the coffee farmer and the fruits of their labors with everything that they do. Expect to find a cozy little spot, with some tables outside. Plenty of people watching, especially at the Atlantic Station location. Looking to try something a little different from your average coffee? I have it on good authority that their Green Tea Latte is something worth trying.

Spiller Parkcoffee shops atlanta

Two locations, including one inside Ponce City Market. Described as the same name and coffee but two very different places. Great people watching, especially in Ponce City Market. For their Taco Hill location, look for them in a shopping center. Here expect a great deal of light from the large windows, coffee bar in the center with small tables all around, and baseball as a theme throughout. Limited drink and food menu, but expect to find all traditional coffee and non-coffee drinks on the menu, as for food a small selection of granola, fruit and different kinds of toast.

East Pole Coffee Co.local coffeehouse atlanta

The owner is a former employee of Taproom Coffee, where he started and gained his business knowledge to strike out on his own. Here they roast and serve, so expect very fresh flavors! Customers will find large windows for lots of natural light, mid-century and industrial decor while cool it isn’t overdone. Of course the low crooning of easy listening music in the background. As well as a couple outdoor tables for the nice weather, sun worshipers. So check out their drink specials and what their bite-sized menu has to offer.

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