Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Atlanta Area

Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Atlanta Area

It wasn’t until I lived in London that I regularly started eating Indian food.  The Indian and Kabab places are open all night long, super cheap, and they are soooo good!  Definitely a staple to live off of!

So when I moved to the American south, I was very excited to see so many Indian restaurants in Atlanta. The Indian culture is vibrant and exciting and the food is amazing!  I’m writing this article for those who may not be as familiar with this truly unique culture and where to find some of its culinary gems in Atlanta.  Here’s a quick guide of where to start your Indian cuisine exploration.  Your taste buds will thank you for it!

Chai PaniChai Pani food

Chai Pani meaning tea and water or slang for going out for a “little something”.  This restaurant evokes the spirit of friends out for a casual get together, in a colorful space with a hip vibe.  Here patrons will find Indian street snacks, platters, lassis, and draft beers.  A specialty is chaat – a crunchy, spicy, sweet, colorful street snack.  Customers will also find thalis, traditional home cooked meals, highlighting the diversity of this culinary culture in an innovative, fun, affordable way.

TablaTabla food

An authentic Indian venue with a modern twist.  This sleek, contemporary restaurant and lounge serves traditional food, beautifully presented, also specializing in unique cocktails inspired by Indian spice infused liqueur.  The menu is full of flavors to entice any palate, while relaxing with friends in an elegant atmosphere.  As always a bonus for me, validated parking in the garage nearby! So be sure to visit with your friends and family, if you want a place that flavor and elegance.

BhojanicBhojanic food

Customers will find home-style Northern Indian cuisine in a relaxed modern environment.  Here the food consists of shared small plates and street food, using only the freshest produce, meats and spices.  Their recipes, procedures and menus have been handed down for generations.  This venue prides itself on including a lighter side to their offerings, meaning not everything has butter and creams in it.  The food is a unique style of layered flavors, perfectly balancing spice, sweet, heat, salt, and tart.

ZykaZyka Indian food

Located in an old church, this Indian eatery features halal meats, vegetarian options and a signature chicken 65 that is not to be missed!  The food is authentic North Indian style and first class in flavor.  That being said, don’t be put off by the counter, cafeteria style service complete with Styrofoam plates.  This place is always busy, with fast service, a casual environment, with unbeatable prices.  It’s a go-to to be added to anyone’s list on a budget. And for me, that is all the more reason to check this place out because cheap, good food is always welcomed.

Café BombayCafe Bombay Indian Food

Quality and freshly cooked ingredients prepared with a clay oven known as a tandoor and the Indian wok (karahi), creating a harmony of subtle flavors and colors.  This elegant environment is designed to create a warm and inviting dining place which offers the ideal getaway for a business lunch or casual dinner.  Friday and Saturday nights, diners can look forward to being entertained with live belly dancers.  This venue also offers a banquette hall and caters.

Spice to TableSpice to Table Indian Food

This is the crossroads where South Indian and American South meet.  Famous for its Fried Chicken, served only on Fridays and Saturdays – until it runs out.  This restaurant strives to introduce the Indian cuisine to American palates using familiar forms and accessible flavors.  Fresh quality ingredients with art quality presentation on food to show off traditional dishes with their twists of new flavors.  Here food is an expression of personality, with the food being a culmination of the chef’s personal journey.

Tava Indian BistroTava Indian Bistro Food

For ultimate food experience, head over to Tava.  A modern Indian restaurant, with a new spin on old favorites, only found in the Atlanta area.  A tava is a traditional street griddle widely used across Southeast Asia.  Food has always been at the heart of this family, having immigrated here in the 1980s with the dream of sharing their love of food.  Here customers will find classics and family recipes that have been around for generations, with everything made in-house and marinated with their own blend of spices.

Botiwalla Indian FoodBotiwalla

Located in Ponce City Market, this brightly colored counter service spot, has a food hall feel to it.  This is in homage to a love of kabab shops also known as Irani cafés.  The look and design of the interior is remnant of the Irani cafes in India, complete with a touch of British and Victorian Era décor thrown in as a remembrance of the heavy patronage and British influence of such eateries.  The food is inspired by the Indian – Persian culture known as Parsi.

Bukharaa Indian RestaurantBukhara Indian Restaurant Food

Standard local eatery, offering traditional Indian grub and a lunch buffet.  Patrons will find North Indian cuisine which was once served only to the royalty of India.  With that tradition and high standards in mind, chefs here work diligently to stick to the original authenticity of these ancient dishes.  Feel like royalty with the array of delectable, melt in your mouth food to be found at Bukharaa. So be sure to check out this eatery, if you want to be treated like a king and gets lots of delicious food.

MastiSignature entree from Masti, one of the best Indian restaurants in Atlanta.

This casual spot, serving classic Indian and American-Indian fusion is buzzing with the sounds of Bollywood.  Masti means fun in Hindi, which embodies this venue perfectly with it’s modern, colorful environment.  Enjoy Indian food in an atmosphere that celebrates friends and family, encouraging everyone to sit at the table and savor what they eat as they talk and have fun.  So come in and enjoy the celebration of simply eating good food among friends at Masti.

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