Top 10 Haunted Restaurants in Atlanta

Top 10 Haunted Restaurants in Atlanta

That time of year is fast approaching, with the cold wintry nights creeping in, the leaves turning brittle and trees bare, the creatures of the night begin to appear, with it, that feeling of being haunted. As Halloween approaches so do the pumpkins, witches, goblins, and ghouls. But most importantly…ghosts.

Feel that chill down your back? Hear that sound when you are alone? That shadow that doesn’t move as shadows should? Do things disappear and reappear somewhere else? Or maybe it’s a voice that whispers or screams in the middle of the night, startling you awake. This Halloween, the ghosts come out to play, and with the season their tales of horror and haunting in Atlanta’s restaurants, bars and nearby venues.

This article contains tales of horror and fright, so tread carefully from here…Past this line, there be ghosts.

This is the tale of Atlanta’s most haunted restaurants and bars.

Haunted restaurants AtlantaAqua Terra Bistro

The building was built in the 1870s and has since experienced semi-frequent coffee mugs and wine bottles suddenly flying off shelves and crashing to the floor. Tip money being taken out of the jar to be found stacked neatly at the top of the stairs. Lights will turn off randomly. Also when the restaurant is empty, voices can be heard in the dining room and a child running around upstairs. There have been recordings made in this restaurant to capture the EVPS, and it is told that you can hear an older male voice talking low, like he is scared. A few key phrases have been heard clearly, “You’re not safe”, “Help me … the locker”, and “I don’t want to go into the darkness.” During a paranormal investigation it was reported that they saw shadows on the walls that did not move with light, as well as many noises, a few words and cold areas.

New American Shakespeare Tavernbest haunted taverns atl

Any place modeled after a Shakespearean Tavern seems to me like a place that is likely to have ghosts. This structure was built in 1984, so it hasn’t been around long, and there have been several renovations since; however, it seems to attract ghosts from a much older era. Witnesses have heard voices when there should be no one in the building, shadowy figures, and strange lights. There are three notable ghosts that reside here. A young boy wearing an 1800s blue velvet suit, that appears in the dressing room. An old man in period clothing that wanders the halls with strange lights and shadows following him. The most well-known is a woman dressed in Elizabethan clothing who moves items around in the women’s dressing room, sometimes causes the set scenery to collapse, and on one occasion scared the audience by warning them of a fire.

The MasqueradeTop atlanta haunted

While this technically might not be considered a food establishment, it serves drinks so therefore fits my purposes. Originally known the Dupre Excelsior Mill which was built in 1890. It has an unfortunate history of mill accidents and a tuberculosis outbreak. Since becoming a music hot spot in the 1980s there have been several tales of ghostly visitations. A tall, African American man who appears after hours is the most distinct. Footsteps and screams have been heard coming from nowhere. Strange cold spots and moved equipment have all been reported. With Masquerades three themed levels of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, it seems fitting that there would be a ghostly spirit or two.

Rootstock & Vinetop restaurants ghost atlanta (formerly Hot Dog Heaven)

These stories come from when the establishment was Hot Dog Heaven, newly remade into Rootstock & Vine…however it is the same building with the same history… Located in Woodstock, this small building is on the site of the city’s former Post Office and apparently the former Postmaster is still keeping everything ship-shape. The original building is long gone but was built in the 1900s. When it was a Post Office, there was a rule that no signs could be posted in the front window. Today any flyers placed there are taken down overnight and never seen again. During an investigation a very clear male Southern voice was heard saying, “Yes, ma’am!” This Postmaster also didn’t think much of having people in his kitchen, he was known to break into a locked case and throw buns at the employees in the middle of lunch rush. No stories out of the new establishment…as of yet.

Terrace on Peachtreehaunted atlanta

Located inside the Ellis Hotel, the restaurant itself doesn’t specifically have any stories of hauntings but the hotel is well-known in Atlanta for it. The Ellis Hotel opened in 1913 under the name Winecoff Hotel, built out of brick and stone it was declared fireproof at the time despite not having sprinklers or fire escapes. In 1946, a fire broke out and while the fire department was quick to the scene, their ladders could only reach the 8th floor of the 15 story building. The end result, 119 of 280 guests died that night. This has led to supernatural experiences in the years to come, of footsteps in empty hallways, tools moving of their own accord, and ghostly faces seen in the windows screaming in terror. Some have even said they could hear the screams of women and children.

 The Mill Kitchen and Bar best haunted restaurants atlanta

Located on the town square, this restaurant isn’t specifically haunted but the town square and former Public House across the square is where this tale starts. During the Civil War, the building nearby was a commissary, the owner’s daughter, Katherine, had a very public relationship with a Union soldier named Michael. Of course, it didn’t end well, Michael was hung from a tree in the square, as Katherine looked on from a window in the commissary. She soon afterward hung herself in that very building. It’s said that the ghosts of Katherine and Michael have been seen in the upper windows of the former Public House. So when sitting down to eat at the Mill Kitchen and Bar, feel free to take a long look across the square and see if you discover anything worth telling.

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish Househaunted atl restaurant

Is located directly across the street from Atlanta’s most haunted site…Oakland Cemetery. While the restaurant itself has no reports of ghosts, it overlooks a hot bed of activity. So come at night for a roof top view over the cemetery and see if you notice anything out of the ordinary. The most common stories include that of ghostly men in Civil War uniforms wandering the grounds, lying wounded on headstones and even hanging from trees. Some have heard a distant Army roll call, with faint voices answering “heah” or “present”. For a more recent ghost, Jasper Newton Smith, a real estate investor has been known to climb out of his grave and sit in a chair on top of his mausoleum where his look-a-like statue is located and watch the world pass by, sometimes late at night he then walks the grounds.

Publik Draft Househaunted atl restaurants

Across the street from Fox Theater, the restaurant itself has no stories to tell, but there is plenty of activity just a few steps away. Opened in 1929 as a movie theater modeled after the ornate concert halls and ancient temples of the Far East, it contains several ghostly experiences. Two different women coming and going, as well as a Confederate Solider looking out the window. One of the women is dressed in 1930s style evening clothing, she suddenly appeared in the middle of the ladies lounge late at night before disappearing again within the blink of an eye. Another particular phenomena involves the elevator. In the 1940s, one of the managers and his girlfriend lived on the fourth floor. One day, she was found dead and it was ruled an accident. Ever since the backstage elevator heads to the fourth floor no matter what button is pushed.

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