Top 10 Fondue Restaurants in Atlanta

Top 10 Fondue Spots in Atlanta

Top 10 Fondue Restaurants in Atlanta

If you love to cook, you probably love fondue. Restaurant fondue separates the good: cooking and eating, from bad: prep and clean-up. It especially appeals to eaters with specific wants and needs — eat as much or as little cheese as you want! In order to showcase a dish truly fit for everyone, we have compiled a list of our favorite top 10 fondue restaurants in Atlanta!

Viande Rouge, one of the top fondue restaurants in AtlantaViande Rouge 

Billed as a “French-inspired, American Steakhouse,” Viande Rouge offers a wide selection of French classics. On their menu, you will find many French-influenced favorites such as escargot, poutine, and beignets. Of course, the menu would not be complete without fondue. Their fondue features a blend of cave-aged Gruyere and Emmentaler, two classic types of Swiss cheese. Finally, the pairing is complete with sides of local baguette and Fuji apples.

Yebo Beach Haus, one of the top fondue restaurants in AtlantaYebo Beach Haus

Located in Buckhead, Yebo Beach Haus specializes in the fusion of South African and American flavors and is another one of the top fondue restaurants in Atlanta. Historically settled by Dutch colonists, it is no surprise that Yebo Beach Haus features Belgian Beer Cheese Sauce on their menu. Order the fondue as a small or large plate and enjoy with traditional South African meatballs, roasted mushrooms, charred cauliflower, and grilled sourdough bread. Don’t forget to check out Yebo’s dessert menu while you’re there!

Kurt's Euro BistroKurt’s Euro Bistro

As you may have been able to guess from this restaurant’s name, Kurt’s Euro Bistro does not limit itself to just one European cuisine. Kurt’s menu includes German spaetzle, Bavarian pretzels, Burgundy escargot, French moules, Hungarian goulash, Italian Milanaise, and, most importantly, fondue. Executed similarly to Viande Rouge’s fondue, Kurt’s Swiss Emmentaler and Gruyere fondue come with apples and a delicious baguette for dipping!

The Southern GentlemanThe Southern Gentleman

Situated in Buckhead, this Southern-inspired gastropub specializes in “traditional dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.” Every aspect of the restaurant, from the decor to the carefully constructed menu, exudes the warmth of Southern hospitality. Fried chicken and bacon deviled eggs provide old comforts while curried okra and warm jalapeño cheddar with smoked gouda ale fondue demonstrate culinary playfulness. When you visit, ask your server for his or her top favorites!

Parma Tavern LogoParma Tavern

Parma Tavern offers diners an array of Italian-inspired dishes. They specialize in homemade pasta sauces, grind their burgers in-house and, you guessed it, even offer fondue! This particular fondue amps up traditional Gruyere by adding spinach and artichokes. Whether you decide to eat your fondue with a side of tortilla chips or bread, Parma Tavern’s spinach and artichoke fondue can be put on anything and everything you order!

Reel Seafood Private Dining Area

Reel Seafood

As you may have guessed from this restaurant’s punny name, Reel Seafood offers a wide selection of seafood! From tempura fried lobster tail to New England clam chowder, Reel Seafood has a dish for every type of diner. Their fondue of choice features shrimp and lobster in a mixture of Gruyere and Fontina. Due to the added element of seafood in Reel’s fondue, enjoy dipping with a simple, local baguette! Reel is the perfect place to host events, take your family, or even bring a first date.

Room at Twelve Bar

ROOM at Twelve

Located in Atlanta’s Twelve Centennial Park Hotel, ROOM is one of the best fondue restaurants in Atlanta and is an American steakhouse that serves up everything from prime cuts of beef to seafood sashimi. Whether you eat on their terrace, in their private dining room, or in your hotel bed, ROOM delivers top-notch dishes. Order a plate of their seafood fondue, it’s loaded with shrimp, scallops, crab, and is served with house-made crostini. Pair the fondue with one of ROOM’s signature cocktails and you’ve got a wonderful pre-dinner snack!

The Wrecking Bar Brew Pub The Wrecking Bar Brew Pub Interior, one of the top fondue restaurants in Atlanta

The Wrecking Bar Brew Pub opened in June 2011 and has been a favorite haunt of locals ever since. Not only does The Brew Pub offer an expansive selection of beer, wine, and spirits, they also feature hearty and filling pub cuisine. Additionally, their featured fondue combines Vermont white cheddar, Gruyere, and Frontal and is served with a Bavarian pretzel, Fuji apples, and radishes. Go try the Wrecking Bar Brew Pub’s fondue and stay to enjoy their wide variety of music. They even offer brunch on Sundays!

The VortexThe Vortex

The Vortex has been serving burgers and booze since 1992. Self-described as a “cool hang-out where people can enjoy themselves with friends and family.” Their version of fondue served up at The Vortex is called Cheesy Cheesy Goo. Abbreviate the name to “Goo” at your leisure and chow down with tortilla chips, fries, and tater tots. Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of their menu too, The Vortex is known for their delicious burgers. They offer an array of signature burgers, old school diner burgers, and, what they dub as “coronary bypass” burgers.

People eating at the melting pot The Melting Pot

Despite existing in most urban areas of America, The Melting Pot is delicious and had to be included in our top 10 list of fondue restaurants in Atlanta. If you have never visited The Melting Pot before, make some time to go. Finally, everything on their menu is all-things fondue. From the appetizers to the desserts, every aspect of their food is fondue. Treat yourself!

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