Top 10 Favorite Frozen Treat Shops in Atlanta

Butter and Cream, one of the top favorite frozen treat shops in Atlanta

Top 10 Favorite Frozen Treat Shops in Atlanta

As the weather warms up and summer approaches, I have been thinking nonstop about frozen treats. Orange creamsicles, fudge pops, Ben and Jerry’s half-baked frozen yogurt, and those ice pops you always eat at summer camp are just a couple of my favorites. Below I’ve compiled my Top 10 Favorite Frozen Treat Shops in Atlanta! Take a look at the list pick out some of your own favorite places to visit this summer!

Butter & CreamButter and Cream, one of the top favorite frozen treat shops in Atlanta

You know Butter & Cream is going to be good just from the name of their shop. While they specialize in “hometown, handcrafted, small-batch ice cream,” they also bake their own cakes, cookies, and bars. Try one of their famous ice cream sandwiches or stop in for some sorbet. They always have classic flavors on deck such as Summer Strawberry and Freckled Chocolate but also feature rotating flavors like Lemon Custard and Basil with Pine Nut Brittle — yum!

Honeysuckle GelatoHoneySuckle Gelato, one of the top favorite frozen treat shops in Atlanta

Does honeysuckle make anyone else think of summer? Honeysuckle Gelato debuted with a food truck in 2011, eventually phasing into the Ponce City Market shop we all know and love in 2013. They offer a wide variety of different flavors, my favorites are marzipan and pecan praline. Toppings include both classics (hot fudge and whipped cream) and novelties (wildflower honey and amaretto crumbles). Check out their scoops, sandwiches, and shakes this summer!

Four Fat Cows, one of the top favorite frozen treat shops in Atlanta

Four Fat Cows

Four Fat Cows is all about ice cream. They offer plain scoops of rotating flavors like strawberry balsamic, blueberry buttermilk pie, chocolate overload, and more! If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try out one of their malt shakes or iced hot chocolates. For all you cone-lovers, Four Fat Cows makes their own “puffle” cones (puffy vanilla cake) to order. Even if you don’t like ice cream, it’s worth stopping by to grab a specialty coffee or stock up on some homemade home goods.

SunO Asian Desserts, one of the top favorite frozen treat shops in Atlanta

SunO Asian Desserts

Opened in 2005 by a group of friends, SunO (pronounced Su-nO, like snow) Asian Desserts is a great place to go when you’re craving something a little bit off the beaten path. SunO is known for their mix-and-match menu options, visitors start with their own base flavor (lychee, green tea, Thai tea, and chocolate just to name a few) and then add whatever toppings they want. In addition to standard bowls of ice cream, they offer bubble tea, slushies, and smoothies too!

Vintage Frozen CustardVintage Frozen Custard, one to the top favorite frozen treat shops in Atlanta

Opened as an ice cream truck in 2012, the demand for Vintage Frozen Custard soared, eventually allowing its owners to open a storefront two years later in 2014. Made fresh daily, Vintage Frozen Custard pays homage to the frozen treat that debuted on Coney Island in the early 20th century. While frozen custard is their featured product, they also offer hand-crafted sundaes, made-order-waffles, ice cream sandwiches, floats, and push-up pops.

Queen of CreamQueen of Cream, one of the top favorite frozen treat shops in Atlanta

Created by two ice cream addicts, Queen of Cream delivers frozen treats that are 100% made from scratch. Beginning as a single ice cream cart in 2014, Queen of Cream now has its own storefront shop located between Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward. Stop by and try some of their staples: Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Lavender Honeycomb, and Sprinkle Cookie, or mix it up with their rotating flavors! Although their main sell is ice cream, Queen of Cream dabbles in coffee as well.

Morelli’s Ice CreamMorelli's Ice Cream, one of the top frozen treat shops in Atlanta

Located just east of Ormewood Park, Morelli’s Ice Cream has been providing Atlanta with delicious treats since 2008. The husband-wife duo combines “gourmet ingredients with fun and unlimited imagination” to create some of the best ice cream Atlanta has to offer. From the flavor “Elvis” (banana ice cream laced with peanut butter swirls and chunks of chocolate) to coconut jalapeño, Morelli’s inventiveness is boundless and never fails to impress!

King of PopsKing of Pops, one of the top favorite frozen treat shops in Atlanta

If the name didn’t tip you off, King of Pops specializes in all things popsicle related. Like many shops on this list, King of Pops began its start as a humble push-cart, eventually establishing a storefront in the heart of downtown. Now they sell their product all throughout the South and even have a pop bar in Ponce City Market. Pops range from creamy to fruity, featuring flavors such as Pineapple Habañero, Fresh Peach, Maple Brown Sugar, and Key Lime Pie.

8 Fahrenheit8 Fahrenheit, one of the top favorite frozen treat shops in Atlanta

8 Fahrenheit specializes in rolled up ice cream treats. If you’ve never seen the mesmerizing roll-up technique in-person, go stop by one of their stores! Other than the rolls as opposed to scoops, 8 Fahrenheit operates like most other ice cream shops. Check out some of their favorite medleys like Black Humor, a mix of Oreos, brownies, and chocolate sauce or opt for a fruitier version like Strawberry Shawty, a mix of fresh strawberries and kiwis — they have it all!

Jeni’s Splendid Ice CreamJeni's Splendid Ice Cream, one of the top favorite frozen treat shops in Atlanta

With locations scattered throughout the South, Atlantans have no excuse for not having eaten Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Jeni’s is the answer to all of your ice cream needs, they have pints, scoops, frosé (frozen rosé!), a plethora of different flavors, and even cookbooks. Jeni’s truly has ice cream-related bases covered, from dairy-free options and baby merchandise to a monthly pint club, you won’t have trouble finding a product that satisfies your needs.

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