The Importance of Keeping up to Date in Events

The Importance of Keeping up to Date in Events

When creating events, we tend to look for current trends or attempt to be very creative and inventive.  However, sometimes being original and creative and lead to disaster. It is best to always keep up to date on the mismanagement of other events, especially those local to you or within the same field.

I highly recommend researching case studies on public relation mishaps or event disasters. There are plenty of scholarly work on the issues with great tips as to how to best bad scenarios.


Events and public relations are similar fields, especially now-a-days. Be sure to research public relation mishaps when researching event crises. Case studies can show you just how easy it is for your event to go down in flames along with your organization’s reputation.

Many will say that now-a-days with the significance of social media, managing a crisis must be quick and clean. Those involved in the crisis will look directly to your organization for assistance, you must be able to respond to any crisis diligently and swiftly.

The time table for handling crises has moved up, before social media many organizations had a business day to handle the crisis and deliver their message and narrate the story. However, due to social media organizations have mere hours or sometimes even minutes to respond.

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