The Fickle Pickle: Spectacularly Dillicious

The Fickle Pickle: Spectacularly Dillicious

The Fickle Pickle is one of the most unique southern delis in Roswell, GA.  Once a fine dining restaurant, The Fickle Pickle has become something original and special.  The restaurant makes gourmet sandwiches everyday along with fresh, homemade from scratch, pickles.  Have a favorite type of pickle?  The Fickle Pickle has it.  They have dill pickles, traditional southern bread and butter pickles, img_2001and Cajun pickles.  Every southerner loves fried pickles and The Fickle Pickle’s Cajun fried pickles are some of the best in Atlanta.  Topped with a Creole Remoulade Sauce, you can guarantee that you will be taking some home as well.  Got a sweet tooth?  Make sure to visit their sister bakery, the Sugar Shack.  After you finish your “dillicious” meal, make sure to head to the back of the restaurant for some home-baked cookies, desserts, and ice cream!  Great for date nights or bring the whole family!

Owner and Chef Andy Badgett

The owner and executive chef, Andy Badgett grew up north, in Connecticut.  Chef Andy discovered his love of cooking after graduating from a traditional college in Colorado and started working at a restaurant.  He then realized that this was the passion for him and then went to study at the Culinary Institute of America.  Chef Andy’s best cooking tip?  Two words: Mise en Place.  This phrase is French for “everything in its place.”  He says that you always need to have all of your ingredients and everything you need before you start to prepare a dish.  That way your cooking experience goes smoothly as long as you prep correctly.


Chef Andy opened up his gourmet sandwich shop, The Fickle Pickle in 2003, after he closed down his fine dining restaurant, Asher.  The Fickle Pickle was set up in a 1890’s Victorian Era style home.  Chef Andy goes on to say that his homemade pickles and unique sandwiches are what makes his deli stand out from the others.  One of the best sandwiches at the shop is called the Horseradish Beef sandwich.  Made with roast beef, horseradish mayo, blue cheese, arugula, tomatoes, and onion on sourdough, this sandwich makes for a bold flavor that you wont forget.  The fried pickles are also a slam dunk.  Overall, Chef Andy says the best thing about the restaurant is the staff and the people of Roswell who have stuck with them since the beginning.

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