Selling Tickets Online for Food & Wine Events

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Selling Tickets Online for Food & Wine Events

The easiest way to get tickets into your customer’s hands is to create a central purchasing hub accessible to everyone.  Selling tickets online eliminates the trek to an old-school box office all while giving your guests the ability to cater the experience on their own. Benefits also include real-time sales tracking, insight into what marketing is working and the ability to adjust course quickly with little hassle. I have compiled everything that should be included in your online ticketing strategy for your food and wine events below.

Smart Ticketing Strategy

  • Pre-sale Tickets released a few months before the actual event at a deep discount or paired with an exclusive experience can bolster your initial ticket sales. It also serves as a litmus test, showing your marketing strategy strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ticket Pricing Tiers should allow for a different experience for each guest within the price point they are most comfortable. Always start at a base admission ticket and then offer individual experiences with a nominal fee. Value-added for your guest w, in turn, create a larger profit margin.
  • Consumer Perception Vs Ticket Cost. If ticket prices are too low your consumer will buy but you will be leaving money on the table or possibly lose money. If you decide to raise your ticket prices you must ensure the perceived value increases with it.

sign that says "reserved"Special Events During the Event

  • VIP Privileges such as elevated accommodations or party tent, expedited lines, exclusive restrooms, Valet parking, cocktail service, or early entry not given to basic ticket holders.
  • Private meet and greets with chefs and restaurateurs. Intimate tastings curated by your top chefs or demonstrations reserved only for those who purchased that experience.

Personalized Experience

  • Swag Bags or memorabilia that is one of a kind or personalized. Feature items from your top vendors or one of a kind to your event.
  • Event Apps are simple for guests to manage and it is easy to find the perfect fit. They can include push notifications to welcome or update your guests, maps for parking, shuttle schedules and special event locations.
  • Special deals for participating in social media posts or live videos.

woman rock climbingOvercoming Barriers to Action

  • Simplify the buying process for your clients and sales force through easy ticketing practices.
  • Offer many pricing tiers and add-ons to personalize the experience for all consumers.
  • Build the value of your event and give many options to add-on and enhance the experience for your guests.

Creating Curiosity 

  • Compelling posts. Keep the information offered interesting and concise, adding a strong attention-grabbing image.
  • Build-up a big announcement, take the time to let your audience know it’s coming and then hold off a little bit while creating excitement around the countdown.
  • Headlines that are compelling, concise and add value to your marketing campaign should always be the goal of every post.

group of people high-fivingPartner with a Ticketing Company

  • Professional marketing team to strengthen and direct your marketing strategy.
  • Helpdesk agents to handle issues that arise with payment and to answer questions your guests have.
  • Wider Audience Reach is available through ticketing companies because they build a client base continuously with each event they partner with.


  • Pre-event giveaways should include, tickets, VIP status, meet and greets or exclusive tastings during the event.
  • During the event, give away items from top vendors, or packages involving sponsors.
  • Post-event prizes should include an element of marketing to win them and be exclusive to ticket holders.

newspapersInvolve the Media

  • Create a mutually beneficial synergistic relationship with the media and local journalists.
  • Pitch ideas for featured article topics or vendor interviews running parallel to your marketing strategy.
  • Remember Social Media influencers, offer incentives for exposure or social pay to make your event free for them.

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