Seed’s: A Modern American Experience

Seed’s: A Modern American Experience

Seed Kitchen and Bar is modern American driven restaurant located in Merchant’s Walk in Marietta, GA.  You can feel that vibe as soon as you walk into the restaurant. There is a bar visible from the outside as well as a large patio, perfect for any occasion.  All of their tasty dishes are made with locally grown produce from right here in Georgia.  They change the menu so that it is seasonal and fresh every day of the year.  The guests have a one of a kind experience from the beginning to the end.  Chef John Flagello is one of the fantastic chefs that prepares the unique cuisines that Seed’s has created.  He cannot see himself working anywhere else.

Chef Flagello’s Southern Style

Chef Flagello grew up in a small town in Georgia and was always surrounded by southern dishes that he wanted to make his own.  He recently participated in a rib event and competition called Smoke and Glory.  Since he loves to experiment with southern foods, he jumped at the chance to compete at Smoke and Glory and created a unique style of rib.  He made a 12 hour hickory smoked pork spare rib, sous vide for 30 hours and charred.  It was then finished with a blackberry and barbecue sauce and an apple and prosecco slaw.  He has a lot of experience cooking just about anything on the grill, so Smoke and Glory was a great challenge for him.

Chef Flagello has been working with Seed’s for a while and he wants to be nowhere else but here.  He says that some chefs do not want to eat at their own restaurants, but working at Seed’s, you just cannot help yourself.  If you visit Seed’s, the chef recommendation is the pork chop and the short rib.  You will not see anything like it anywhere else. Chef Flagello also has some pretty good advice for novice chefs: do not be scared and be ready to make mistakes.  Cooking is an expression of you.

Seed’s also has wine nights every Wednesday night at Stem’s Wine Bar right next door!  So come on down to Seed’s and enjoy some classic American cuisine turned modern!

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