Insider: Exclusive In-Home Experience with Chopped and Iron Chef Winner

Insider: Exclusive In-Home Experience with Chopped and Iron Chef Winner

Have you been looking for a unique date idea, or a get together with friends that will leave them chatting about it for months? It turns out you can do just that without leaving the comfort of your own home. This private in-home dinner has it all. With Chef Ed Harris, winner of Chopped and Iron Chef International, you can experience all that a delicious meal has to offer without moving an inch. He sources local and foreign ingredients to bring the freshest and boldest flavors to your kitchen.


The best part of this private in-home dinner? You get to inspire the menu. Chef Ed can take any request you have, and twist it into an amazing dish leaving you in awe. The menu will be 100% customizable, but you may want to consider some of his specialties, like Spanish rice with caramelized onions, tofu ratatouille with smoked tomato sauce and Thai pesto, five spice chicken alongside whipped potato and herb jus, or oxtail wontons drizzled with buddha’s hand syrup. Those wontons? Yep, they’re the ones in the picture. Maybe ponder ending your evening with banana bread pudding or earl grey parfait layered with caramelized banana and jasmine scented whipped cream. Hungry yet?

Let’s not forget the drinks! Chef Harris will also come well equipped offering multiple wines he has carefully paired with your meal if you request. When in the kitchen, Chef Harris likes to push the envelope, and thrives on a challenge. You can be sure to expect spontaneity, splendor, and surprise once he arrives! It’s an experience that just can’t be beat. Unless, of course, you get the VIP option, which comes with even more.

Private In-Home Dinner Prepared by Chef Ed Harris | CHEF LIFE CONSULTING

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