Pine Street Market Atlanta

Pine Street Market Atlanta

About Pine Street

Rusty Bowers owns a whole animal butchery shop located in the Avondale area of Atlanta. It started about 10 years ago as a whole sale butchery shop with just Rusty, but now includes a retail store, online store and classes, with five full time butchers and a retail and delivery staff. Their products can be found in 35 restaurants across Atlanta and up and down the East Coast.

Pine Street Market owner Rusty BowersRusty has been a chef since 1993. He grew up cooking in Jacksonville, Florida, before moving all over the country and the world, along the way picking up different butchering techniques and a love of community raised meat.

What sets this butcher shop apart from others in the Atlanta area is that they are the only whole animal butchery. Every week they get animals from various local farmers and break them down. They have several classes that show this exact process specific to the different animals. This tiny store front is located just off of N Avondale Rd. Inside customers will find a deli style cold case full of meats, a frig with more cold items offered and a shelf featuring goods from local producers. This comfortable, low key space has a large chalkboard to show their current offerings and delicious smells to entice any meat lover to want more.

Meats & Products

They cure all of the meats that they sell and all meats are from community raised animals. Pine Street Market is a USDA inspected facility. Every week, they make about 1000 lbs of bacon, 500-600 lbs of sausage and 200 lbs of salami, using a curing cave they have in back. Tours are available of how they cure the different types of meats; Pancetta, Salami, Prosciutto, Coppa, etc. A full list of what is currently available can be found on their website.Pine Street Market butcher shop

Their famous Applewood smoked bacon has been featured on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show twice. The summer sausage is one of their newer items but has become super popular. They also make their own bacon jam and pimento cheese. Their biggest sellers are the Applewood smoked bacon, country sausage, bratwurst, smoked kielbasa, and pork chop brined in all natural brine. This little market also highlights their friendship with other local Georgia producers with pickles, crackers and cheeses for sale.

Classes & Events

In addition to the day to day productions, they have a class almost every Saturday taught by Rusty. These classes can be Whole Lamb Butchery, Whole Hog, Big Green Egg, and Salami and Sausage making classes. They hold twenty plus classes, tours, and pop up events at different local locations throughout the year. Rusty often partners with Big Green Egg to travel across country for events as well.

Pine Street Market classRusty is also the co-host and co-creator of Smoke and Glory, a Chef Thunder Dome style tournament in the area. This year’s competition coming up in March, features Chicken as the protein of battle, with different breweries, wine producers attending, and at least twenty different chefs competing.

Come by the shop to experience a true community butchery for what it should be. Pine Street Market is always happy to give a tour, to answer all questions and get to know the customers.

“We aren’t a butcher shop, we are a lifestyle shop.” Rusty Bowers, owner of Pine Street Market.

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