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Formerly a Buckhead bar serving a moneyed crowd, Establishment moved to Colony Square six months ago, where they still attract some big names plus a smattering of hipsters. The decor mixes rustic elements like reclaimed wood furniture with cowhide seats. Old antique accessories are everywhere. Camp lanterns top the patio tables, and an antique cash register that takes only two-cent coins perches on the hostess stand. The walls are decorated with paintings of Henry Irby, the legendary founder of Buckhead.

The Establishment’s menu defies categorization. Plates from various cuisines baffle food writers trying to nail down the menu’s origins. Crispy beer-braised pork belly shares menu space with tempura asparagus. There are General “Sous” chicken wings, as well as a Reuben sandwich made with fried pork schnitzel.

Chef Avers appreciates that The Establishment gives him the freedom to be creative in honing the restaurant’s menu. For example, the House Chips come with a pimento cheese that surprises Southerners with its green hue. Using poblano peppers instead of jalapenos before whipping with blue cheese adds Chef Avers’ personal spin on this regional favorite.

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