How No Context in Event Marketing is a Big Mistake

How No Context in Event Marketing is a Big Mistake

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Enthusiasm about your event is an extremely profitable asset, it keeps you motivated, and it is contagious to those around you. But when you launch headlong and hurried into an event marketing campaign with no context in your event marketing strategies, you will be making a big mistake.  If your event marketing strategy is weak and lacks a solid understanding of your target consumer, all of your positive energy will be wasted. Knowing your target consumer demographics is the first step in building the connection toward customer loyalty that will sustain and grow your event.

The definition of context as it pertains to marketing:

Context Marketing is the ability to deliver the right content to the right consumer in their preferred medium at a time they are most receptive based on their own consumer journey and current need.

Who are your consumers?

Gender, age, geographic location, education, income level, marital status, occupation, religion, average family size, interests, career aspirations, previous purchases, favorite charities, and hobbies should all be included in the swatch that makes up your demographic. Some of the items listed may seem excessive but allow me to explain;

  • Favorite charitable category: (medical, animal, military, political, etc.)  supporting their favorite charitable category throughout your event and with synergistic relationships will offer an organic connection.
  • Religion: The question of whether they believe in religion, do they support local churches, do they believe in supporting missions to other countries or do they believe religion should never be mixed with events?
  • Career aspirations: Many consumers would like to know the networking opportunities, the benefits to their career or how to convince their boss to pay for them to go.
  • The average family size: Knowing if your consumers have children directly contributes to the knowledge of competing events. Would it be more lucrative to incorporate children’s activities?
  • Previous purchases: Knowing their consumer journey will predict their future need with high accuracy. Does your event fall within that need?

people categorizing consumers to avoid no context in event marketingCategorizing your consumers:

Creating accurate demographic categories, sorting individual needs, and then tailoring a promotion to the specialized consumer type will ensure your context is directed to the right clients. Having ten categories with specific marketing identifiers and small budgets will engage and convert more customers than one ad with a large budget. While one ad with a large budget may reach more newsfeeds, its return on investment will be significantly less.

A barrier to action:

Is the rationalization one tells oneself that prevents an action. (The reason your customer justifies to themselves for not buying a ticket)

Context marketing eliminates the barriers to action. Solving the need of only one general demographic leaves the others wondering what your event has to offer them. The barriers to action increase as the demographic identifiers decrease.

laptopThankfully, you do not need to be an IT specialist to gather this data, all social media companies give you the ability to check your own consumer demographics.  If you need the analytics of a specific location, Snaptrends is my favorite resource, but there are many other platforms offering similar services.  It will benefit you immensely to have a window into what type of posts or videos are more popular on various streams. It is also advantageous to know which pages are gaining more engagement and which influencers are trending in your area. (A great asset to gain influencer consumer profile data is Groundsignal)

When are your ideal customers most receptive to your marketing?

Context marketing includes very specific timing. Each social media platform has its own ideal windows for engagement. Through data collection, it has been determined when each stream has the best opportunity for post visibility. (See the previous article for chart: Event Marketing Mistake: Cheap Promotion) Linkedin member demographics are vastly different from those of Snapchat, they check their newsfeeds at different times, with varying intervals between logins, spending a contrasting amount of time online, with each consumer looking for their own brand of organic connection.

Taking the time to educate yourself and build a foundation of understanding with the sheer intent to fill the need of your customers will guarantee your event is a success. After all, to your guests, it is about what needs you can fill for them, not what they can do for you.

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