Event Marketing Mistake: Cheap Promotion

Event Marketing Mistake: Cheap Promotion

We all have that one commercial you just cannot stand to see again, you know the one that has us scrambling to press the skip button. Our ears will bleed if we have to sit through their thirty-second jingle or listen to their tired catchphrase. I am sure at some point in their marketing career it was brilliant and probably borderline genius level but, the now threadbare promotion has become antiquated, alienating and maybe to some infuriating. Unfortunately, that can happen during event promotion and if it does, you will have made an event marketing mistake.

Do not get me wrong, advertising is a necessity, big things are just not handled word of mouth anymore. In this age of social media, if you aren’t able to organically connect with your demographic in the right context with the right content, your event will be dead in the water. Here are a few tips.


 Graphic Design

The primary logo or graphics created should be slightly altered for each marketing campaign, tailoring itself to the different key consumer bases you are reaching for.  Keep in mind the varied demographics and target audiences separate advertisement channels offer you. Keeping your logo fresh and relevant will deter customers from becoming indifferent and will increase your click-through rate.


It is pretty simple; if it is too long, they won’t read it. Being too wordy or including too many details can muck up the excitement your advertisement is trying to build.  Each stream has its own meridian of positive posting and wasted labor. Social media consumers have come to expect a quick intake of fluid information in their newsfeed.


Selling tickets isn’t so much about selling as it is about filling a need and creating excitement in the consumer. Hard pitching sales will only alienate your clients who want to connect with you in an authentic and organic relationship of mutual benefit. One of the most beneficial strategies in event marketing is to build curiosity and excitement. Inundating social media channels with constant sales posts will take away the opportunity to build an engaged relationship with your customers.

Bad Timing

It may seem logical to post when the most amount of people are online, but it is similar to competing to be the only voice in a screaming crowd. As far as creating impact in a limited viewability newsfeed your efforts will go farther if you choose a time fewer competitors are posting.

Repeat Posting

The frequency of posts is tenuous, between building curiosity, peaking interest, and the ever-formidable algorithms, finding the right rhythm to your strategy is daunting.  Posting too often for your social media stream can create two separate problems, one being apathy within your target consumers and the other being the algorithm flagging your posts as spam.

All of these issues can be resolved with research and a marketing strategy with context, but if you do not have that kind of time, we have compiled the best tips for optimal frequency, the ideal number of characters, and posting windows with greater reach for you down below.


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