Interview with Lauren Bolden at the Pie Bar

Interview with Lauren Bolden at the Pie Bar

Tis’ the season for pie, so let’s review our interview with Lauren Bolden from the Pie Bar. That way you can be better prepared for the holiday season and all of the treats you need to make.

Located in Woodstock, Lauren Bolden is the owner of the Pie Bar where they make fresh local pies every day. They also have a large variety of different flavors. For example, they have coconut cream, salted caramel apple, rosemary chicken pot pie, and veggie pot pie. And for a special treat, they offer quiches every Sunday. Each day you can expect a minimum of 6 different flavors, so there is something for anyone. They also love showcasing Georgia flavors by using locally sourced pumpkins, apples, and peaches for their pies.

Lauren has always loved baking and was always baking yummy treats for her friends and roommates. Eventually, she started making a lot of pie and it came to a point where she and her husband had to decide to either stop making pie or to open up their own shop. They wanted to be great at one thing instead of good at several things and that one thing is pie. So all you pie lovers need to check out the Pie Bar. The Pie Bar also offers baking classes where they teach how to make a pie from scratch. So if you always wanted to learn how to make a wonderful pie, head down to the Pie Bar.

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