An Interview At Wahoo! Grill

Wahoo! Grill Sign

An Interview At Wahoo! Grill

Some of you may be familiar with Wahoo! Grill. CulinaryLocal helps provide ticketing for their monthly wine dinners. However, that is just part of who Wahoo! Grill does. That’s why we decided to have an interview at Wahoo! Grill and find out what else they provide for their customers.

Wahoo! Grill outside areaWahoo! Grill was created by Pamela Ledbetter, who has been in the restaurant industry for several years. She started out as a bartender and then worked as an operations manager. However, she wanted to create her own restaurant that would be the place that everyone in the neighborhood would go to. She wanted it to be a place where friends and family would get to together. A place where she could get a drink with her friends or where she could have a date night. That’s why she started Wahoo! Grill in 2014. Wahoo! Grill is a casual European-styled bistro that is surrounded by an enchanting garden paradise outside. It is a place that is able to accommodate several different kinds of events, such as business dinners, doctor presentations, baby showers, and wedding parties. Whatever the occasion may be, Wahoo! Grill will be able to help out.

Dining area, where the interview at Wahoo! Grill took placeNot only is the location great, but so is the food. Wahoo! Grill offers a creative menu featuring daily specials of pasta, steak, and fresh seafood that are prepared with a Southern flair and some of the freshest local and organic ingredients around. Jason Chandler, the general manager for Wahoo! Grill, says that he has a hard time choosing a favorite dish since they are all so wonderful. However, one of his favorite go-to’s is the halibut, which is served with sauteed leeks and potato gnocchi topped with burdock.

Another great thing that Wahoo! Grill does is that they work with the Georgia Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquarium with their seafood watch program, so they use a lot sustainable fish initiatives. They are always making sure that they are helping their customers and their environment, thus it makes this restaurant a place that the locals can call home. So we hope that one day, you will be able to check out Wahoo! Grill for yourself. It is a great place to be.

For this new year, Wahoo! Grill is planning on bringing more wine dinners for their customers. Each wine will be paired with a special dish that the chef will make according to the wine. In addition, the chef will be interacting with the customers more during this wine dinners and getting to know them. It will be a wonderful experience. If you are interested, make sure to check out this link.

If you would like to see our interview at Wahoo! Grill, check it out here!

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