If You Missed Out on Bloggers’ Byte

If You Missed Out on Bloggers’ Byte

Just last month, CulinaryLocal was able to participate in the first Bloggers’ Byte. If you were unable to attend, here’s what you missed out on. We met with several bloggers’ in the community and got their take on how to get into blogging and how to improve your blog.

Session One – Influencers’ Panel

Our first panel was with other bloggers’, Toby Bloombery, Mailka Bowling, Autumn Gilliam, Amanda Egidio, and Winona Rogers. They talked with us and gave us great tips on how to improve our blogs. Here’s some of what we learned.

  • Be patient and reasonable

Just like with most things, you have to be patient. Usually, blog don’t become instantly popular, so you shouldn’t expect that. Be patient and reasonable about how you conduct your blog. It may take time and work, but in the end, it will be worth it.

  • Gain “real” followers

One way of getting followers is create the accounts yourself, get friends and family to follow, or pay people, but this isn’t a good way to do it. You need people that are generally interested in your blog because they will come back to see what else you have to say. Then, they will tell their friends and eventually, you will see “real” growth in the amount of followers you have. It may seem hard, but it will be worth it.

  • Be consistent and invest in yourself

If you want your followers checking up on you, make sure you are consistent in your blog posts. You need to post every week. That way your followers know that they can count on you to show new content all the time. Also invest in yourself. If you don’t spend the time to actually invest in your blog, then people will likely not want to invest in you. It’s kind of like the saying, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” It’s the same concept.

Session 2 – Photography

During session 2, we learned that you don’t need a fancy camera for taking pictures for the blog. You can just use your cell phone. A lot of cell phones have good cameras nowadays, so why not take advantage of that. So Jillian Rooker taught us that there are many different filters and ways to make our pictures look great with very little effort.

Session 3 – SEO

While having great content is good, if you want to make sure that your content is put to get use, make sure you know about SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. That means that if someone is searching for something then if you have done your SEO correctly, that person is more likely to come across your blog. Here are some tips for SEO

  • Keyword should be the most important word in your article

The keyword is that your article/blog post is primarily about. It also means that your keyword should be in your url, your header, your text, and in the alt text for your featured image. That’s why it is important when choosing your keyword. It is used a lot, so make sure you choose carefully.

  • Link internal pages to your post

If you have similarities between posts, then mention it and put a link in to take your followers there. Or maybe suggest to them to look at these other post if the one they are reading interest them. This will get them reading more and make your SEO better.

  • Use eternal links

This may not seem as important, but Google relies on external links to determine how good a post is. They don’t want you just bragging about yourself, but also taking about other people. So if you want more people clicking on your blog, make sure to provide external links. This will push you higher up on the list of search results.

This is just some of what we learned from Bloggers’ Byte, but it was a great experience. Many of our bloggers’ enjoyed themselves and learned a lot. One posted that “it was great! Learned a lot and had a great time!” And Adrienne from AC Art of Food posted, “This is an AMAZING event!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!! Looking forward to more!! Invaluable information.” We are ecstatic that everyone enjoyed their time at Bloggers’ Byte and hope to do it again soon. And we hope that those that were unable to attend this time, will join us for the next one. Thanks!

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