What are your content guidelines and requirements for Ambassador blog posts?

What are your content guidelines and requirements for Ambassador blog posts?

Buffer blog and The Next Web published an article titled “The anatomy of the perfect blog post…”. We encourage our Ambassadors to adhere to the practices outlined in this article.

CulinaryLocal Ambassadors write articles based on events they’ve attended for their own website and link it back to CulinaryLocal. Then, they write a unique summary or extract for CulinaryLocal while linking it back to the original article on their website. There is no word count requirement for blog posts, but your content should be descriptive and make readers feel like they were at the event with you. Include visually appealing photos from the event.

In your article, please mention and link to other upcoming CulinaryLocal listed events from the same business you’re writing about. Check the marketplace and the organizer’s event storefront. We want to give our readers opportunities to participate in future events being offered by our partners. Should there be no other upcoming events, please contact and encourage the organizer to submit new events so they can benefit from the additional exposure in your article.

Articles submitted to CulinaryLocal will be reviewed and edited as needed. Accepted posts will be published and promoted via our blog and social media accounts.

Remember that the same article should never be published on multiple sites. Search engines frown on this practice.  If you have any additional questions, contact us at info@culinarylocal.com.

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