Setting up Payment Information for New Event Hosts

Setting up Payment Information for New Event Hosts

CulinaryLocal requires all new event hosts to setup payment information prior to submitting their first event.  It is critical that every field is completely and accurately filled out so as to avoid payment delays.

Why is my Name and last 4 of my SSN required?
In order to setup a connection with your bank account through our payment software (Stripe), a real person needs to be associated with the account.

What if it’s a business account? Do I still need to submit my Name and last for of my SSN?
We know it’s kind of confusing, but Stripe requires there to be a verified “representative” attached to the account. This ensures that the account is not setup under a fake person, which reduces issues with fraud and identity theft. It’s for your own protection.

Whose Name and SSN information should I use for submitting my payment information?
Honestly, this “representative” should be someone associated with the company. It just needs to be a real person, with a valid SSN. Also, nicknames are not valid when Stripe attempts to verify identities.

How can I speak to a representative?
Have questions about how CulinaryLocal works or need assistance with setting up your payment account?  Email us at info [at] culinarylocal [dot] [com] or call 866-633-3877.

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