How much does CulinaryLocal charge?

How much does CulinaryLocal charge?

It is free to list events with CulinaryLocal.  Our pricing model is pay-for-performance; event organizers only pay when tickets are sold.


  • List free or paid events in the marketplace at no cost.
  • All events are promoted via social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+.
  • Events are promoted in our popular weekly food and drink events roundup and newsletters.
  • Organizers get a personalized storefront that features ONLY their events.
  • Free use of the Invite a Blogger program.  CulinaryLocal Ambassadors will attend your event and produce content about their experience.
  • Instant payments. Funds are sent the moment a ticket is sold. No waiting weeks for payment.
  • Extensive content and social media strategy promoting your events to a broad audience.
  • A beautifully designed marketplace that showcases events and brand.
  • User friendly registration system that accepts either credit cards or Paypal.
  • Event organizers are immediately notified when a ticket is sold.
  • Ability to allocate seats so you can continue to use other ticket distribution channels.
  • Offering tickets with CulinaryLocal will increase attendance to your events.  Get started today!

Fee structure:

  • Event Organizers pay a 5% service fee on the sale price of the ticket.
  • Attendees pay .99c for each purchased ticket.
  • Payment processing fees are 2.9% +.30 per transaction.
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