How does the “Invite an Ambassador” program work?

How does the “Invite an Ambassador” program work?

CulinaryLocal offers event organizers the ability to request a local blogger (our brand ambassadors) attend their event free-of-charge in return for a written post about their experience.  Ambassadors may be offered opportunities to attend various food and drink events with the commitment to write an article within 10 business days of the event.  Articles are reviewed and edited by our editorial staff and, when approved, posted to CulinaryLocal’s Local Glutton section and promoted through our social media channels. Ambassadors are required to create a unique summary/extract that lives on and the original post will be hosted on their blog.

Event organizers: Select the “Invite an Ambassador” checkbox when submitting an event listing. A CulinaryLocal Ambassador is matched for the event and invited to attend based on their profile and preferences.

For Bloggers: Ambassadors are required to respond as soon as possible to event invitations.  If assigned, make every effort to keep the commitment. Before the event, ambassadors are to blog about the upcoming events at least one to two times. Upon arrival, please seek out the host and introduce yourself. Following the event, submit the 200 word summary/extract here. We will review, edit and schedule the post for publication and promote it via our social media channels. Ambassadors can host the original article on their website.

*Please note: By using our Invite a Blogger program, you agree to grant our Ambassador free admission to participate in the event.  CulinaryLocal does not charge for this service. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee an Ambassador will attend.  Ambassadors that fail to comply with program guidelines may no longer be invited to future events.

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