How do I manage my events?

How do I manage my events?

CulinaryLocal features a Manage My Events area where you can; drum roll please… manage your events.  To access, simply login and select “My Account” button on the top right area of the website.

You will be presented with a few options for event attendees and another area for event organizers.  Once you’ve entered the Manage My Events page, you will see all the events you’ve listed with CulinaryLocal.  From here you can View, Edit or Delete an event.

We currently allow limited editing of published events.  This includes:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Categories
  • Featured Image
  • Time & Date
  • Venue Details (Select a different venue or Use New Venue)
  • Organizer Details (Select a different organizer or Use New Organizer)

In order to edit any of following fields, contact us at orders [at] culinarylocal [dot] com.

  • Secondary images
  • Tickets
  • Sale begins or ends
  • Existing venue information
  • Existing organizer information

Attendee Report

You can obtain an attendee report for any event.  This will provide you with the name, email address and phone number for the people who have registered for your event.  The Attendee report can be used to contact those who purchased tickets in case of a cancellation and to issue refunds.

To access an attendee report:

  • Click on the View option underneath the name of your event in the Manage My Events report.
  • Scroll down the page of your event and you will find a listing of everyone who registered.
  • Copy the information with your mouse and paste to the document or program of your choosing.


You may need to cancel an event for one reason or another.  In order to cancel an event:

  • Click on My Account (top right) and then Manage My Events under the Organizer options.
  • Find the event you wish to cancel and follow the instructions for accessing an attendee report (above).
  • Inform anyone who purchased or registered for your event of the cancellation.  Issue refunds (if applicable).
  • Contact CulinaryLocal and inform us of the cancellation. We will issue any applicable refunds from our end.  Send an email to: info [at] culinarylocal [dot] com.


In certain situations you may simply want to delete an event you listed with CulinaryLocal. In this case you will do the following:

  • Click on the Delete option underneath the name of your event in the Manage My Events report.

We urge extreme caution in using the delete feature.  No trace of your event will remain and you will be required to create your event from scratch.  If you simply want to edit some information instead of deleting, use the Edit Event options explained here.

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