Hanging Out at Houck’s Grille

Sign at Houck's Grille

Hanging Out at Houck’s Grille

Houck’s was started by Bill Houck when he left Erin’s Steakhouse to create Houck’s Steakhouse in 1986. Then he sold the franchise in 2000. It wasn’t until 2015 that Bill returned to the restaurant industry where he started another restaurant under the name of Houck’s Grille. The main idea of Houck’s is to provide a family-friendly causal atmosphere that services food that has good value, good price points, and plenty of it on your plate.

Houck’s Grille

Houck’s is a great place to host any event. It is a very large restaurant, where they have a private event room called Bill’s Room that seats about a hundred people. It also has a stage and its own private bathroom, so you don’t have to venture into the regular area of the restaurant. They have hosted events, such as private events, wedding reception, reunions, birthday, anniversaries, etc. Lately, it has even been popular to celebrate your 40th birthday party at Houck’s. And if you want more of an outdoor experience, they have a large covered patio that seats about 70. In the past, the patio has been popular in both the spring and fall because of its ability to provide both air conditioning and heating. Therefore, it is great almost no matter the season.

Houck's hallwayHouck’s also host events themselves, such as their team trivia night. Team Trivia is held every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm and it is free to play. However, it is first come, first serve because there are many that sign up each week. It is suggested that you make a reservation with your team so that you can be sure to have a table that night. It is held in Bill’s Room and the questions are usually posted on their 110 in. television screen. You can even win cash prizes at the end of the night. You can expect to see a lot of family-friendly questions ranging from Disney to songs to movies to holidays. It is just a big mix of different things.

Another event that they host each year is their Easter Brunch and it also has quite the following. A lot of the staff come from a country club background, so it is said that they know how to throw an Easter Brunch. They use their middle room and set up a full buffet with both brunch and lunch foods available. The cost is $24 for adults and $14 for kids. You must make a reservation in order to participate, and the brunch begins at 10:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm. This is a very popular event, so make sure you reserve a spot early. Last year, they had over 300 people attend, so be prepared.

Houck's eagle signHouck’s wants to be your neighborhood bar and grill. A place where you can go to after a hard day at work and can grab a beer. The place where you go for specials events with your family. For example, if it is your birthday, they will buy your entree for you no matter what it is. It could be expensive, like steak or sesame ahi tuna, but they wouldn’t care. They do this in order to make you have a special day and to thank you for choosing them. Houck’s is also one of the few places that have the capacity to seat everyone because they have such a large space. Another great thing about Houck’s is their capability to have live music at your private event. Many other places don’t have that anymore, so it’s great that Houck’s can provide something so classic. Whether your event may be, Houck’s will be able to handle. If you are looking into having a private event at Houck’s Grille, make sure to contact their special event coordinator, Molly Breiding. She does a great job helping the guests plan the menu, the budget, and coordinate with the spaces they have. We hope you check out Houck’e Grille.

Chad Barnicoat

Chad Barnicoat is the General Manager at Houck’s Grille. Before he worked at Houck’s, he started at country clubs working food and service with his father. He worked at several different restaurants, like fast food, drive bars, and fine dining before starting at Houck’s. While he does love everything on the menu, his favorite is the fried chicken. This is because they brine the chicken for 24 hours and then fried it fresh to order. However, his second favorite is the ribs. These two dishes were actually the originally recipes from Bill’s first restaurant which he brought back when he started Houck’s Grille.

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