Guest Blog: Gluten-Free Cooking Class

Guest Blog: Gluten-Free Cooking Class

Chef Paul Albrecht, an icon on the Atlanta fine dining scene for more than 30 years, taught a gluten-free Simple Abundance cooking class at Cook’s Warehouse in May. I was fortunate to attend this very full cooking class as media.


quinoa-stuffed chicken

Chef Paul decided his cooking class would encompass only gluten-free ingredients, so kudos go out to him. It is unusual to have this type of gourmet cooking class made entirely gluten-free, so I would encourage the community to treat themselves to a night of gourmet food and wine parings. This was not the first gluten-free class offered by Simple Abundance, but it was of their most popular ones to date. During Chef Paul’s class, I learned the secrets to preparing:

Arctic Char

Citrus-cured Char

  •  Citrus-cured Char with Jicama-Asian Pear Slaw and Coriander Oil
  •  Roasted Georgia Quail with Kale Salad, Sour Cherry and Warm Pecan-Smoked Bacon and Mustard Dressing
  •  Herbed Quinoa-stuffed natural raised Chicken Breast served with almond milk Poached Peas and Morel Mushrooms
  •  Goat Cheese stuffed Zucchini Blossoms
  • Swiss Chocolate Tart with Nutella Cream

The food was delicious, and Chef Paul made it look so easy.  My favorite dishes of the night were the tender and flavorful roasted quail, the aromatic char, and of course the sinful tart. I also learned that this tart is offered on the regular menu at Paul’s.


chocolate tart

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chef Paul cook with such passion and demonstrate how easy (and tasty) it is to cook gluten free. I learned how to properly stuff and string up a chicken, how to cure fish, and many new techniques that transfer to home cooking. If you haven’t been to a Simple Abundance cooking class yet, I encourage you to try one. These classes are a great way to meet a chef and understand that chef’s passion for cooking through their food. Also, guests develop a rapport with the chef and have a unique dining experience that can’t be had by simply eating at one of their restaurants. For more information, contact Simple Abundance at: or 404.892.FEED (3333) x1248


roasted Georgia quail


About the Guest Blogger

Jennifer Harris is a contributing writer for Gluten Free Living Magazine and owns a consulting company called Gluten Free Go-To Guide  and she is a member of the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society.

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