Viva Vinho Verde! Wines & Tastes of Portugal

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Viva Vinho Verde! Wines & Tastes of Portugal

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Viva Vinho Verde! Wines & Tastes of Portugal

Vino Venue
Vino Venue 4.0 star rating 101 reviews
Monday, May 22 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


An educational wine & food experience


With summer right around the corner you’ll undoubtedly find yourself walking into a wine shop and grabbing a bottle of Vinho Verde anticipating the satisfaction of the light, bubbly, crisp wine known for its incredible value and versatile food pairings.

Located in the lush, green, rolling hills of northern Portugal just below the Portuguese-Spanish border, Vinho Verde wines, traditionally known for their fresh exuberance, are made in a wide range of styles from unique grape varieties only grown in Portugal. Consumers everywhere are discovering that there is so much more to Vinho Verde wines like age-worthy single varietals and wines full of richness and complexity. Discover Vinho Verde for yourself paired to perfection with regional tastes.

Sit back and relax as your sommelier instructor sets the stage for an unforgettable, educational wine and cuisine experience. Our wine classes provide a unique context for the enjoyment of wine appropriate for every level of interest and expertise. Taste wine as it was meant to be enjoyed, paired to perfection with regional recipes.

Throughout the evening, you will learn about the history, culture and language of wine through visual presentations, commentary and anecdotes from our personal experiences. And best of all, you’ll leave us with greater confidence, passion and understanding of the grapes so you can ultimately experience the pleasure of wine.

Class will include:

- Learn about Portugal's Vinho Verde regional

- Understand key varietals and wine styles of Vinho Verde

- Learn Portuguese wine terminology

- Visual presentations with maps

- Six wines for tasting

- Authentic dishes for sampling to accompany the wines, such as Bacalao Fritters, Frango de Churrasco & Fried Green Beans

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