Ayurveda Healing Kitchen Pop Up Dinner

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Ayurveda Healing Kitchen Pop Up Dinner

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Ayurveda Healing Kitchen Pop Up Dinner

Wednesday, January 23 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


You are invited to our Ayurvedic World Kitchen cuisine curated by Nalini Mehta .

Each guest will enjoy a personalized dining experience by taking a quiz to learn your specific dosha, or mind and body personality type. The night of the event, your three-course dinner will be made to suit your unique Ayurvedic dosha. For example, if your body is more firey and you consider yourself a Type A perfectionist, you’ll eat dishes that calm you down. Or if you’re more earthy, we'll make foods that perk you up! Eating for your body type means that the vital energies of the foods will enhance your prana, or your life force energy, recharging your mind, body and soul.

Ticket price: $75 includes Three Course Dinner and Mocktail.

Date: January 23rd 2019

RSVP: nalini@routetoindia.com

Nalini Mehtai teaches Ayurvedic cooking, a food science and philosophy with the same ancient origins as Yoga. She began her career as a culinary instructor at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health, 15 years ago, followed by Whole Foods Culinary Center, Institute of Culinary Education, Open Center in New York City. She has been a speaker at several institutes like San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Rubin Museum of Art, United Nations and Princeton University. Through her company Route to India she offers culinary experiences like ayurveda pop up dinners, wellness retreats and guides annual Ayurveda Culinary trips to India. She is a recent recipient of the James Beard Foundation's Women in Leadership Grant program for her work to promote wellness amongst food service professionals.

About Ayurvedic Cooking: Ayurvedic cooking is the yoga of food. Health and wellness is the foundation of this holistic cuisine and practice. Ayurveda emphasizes eating seasonal, plant based, and local foods as a means of benefitting the community and environment, which aligns this 5000 year-old approach to eating modern ideas about healthy eating and food systems. Uniquely, Ayurvedic eating encourages mindfulness around all aspects of a meal, including the health and wellbeing of the chefs in the kitchen, the process and techniques of cooking, and the sustainability and quality of ingredients of the food. Equally important however, is how specific foods can bring balance to the mind and body. Ayurveda encourages each person to eat for a life of balance based upon his or her own body. In Ayurveda, food is medicine; it heals the body from within.

The Fine Print

Please complete the Dosha questionnaire form
to rsvp for the dinner https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqv9kBNi0frEoX3d8JMTDvi47NNBpGI7Ce7HgUiuHR4M967Q/viewform

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