A Taste of Scotland – Scotch & Cigars

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A Taste of Scotland – Scotch & Cigars

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A Taste of Scotland – Scotch & Cigars

Thursday, June 14 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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  • David Graham
  • Reggie Kimble
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What: Single Malt Tasting Event
When: June 14, 2018 (Thursday) @ 7:00 PM
Where: Maxwell’s Cigar Bar, 460 Chambers St
Woodstock, GA 30188 - Ph: (770) 627-2006
Why: 4 Single Malts, 1 Blended Malt & 1 Scottish Liqueur
Who: You and your friends
Whom: Jack Smith, K.Q., Keeper of the Quaich, C.S.S. & President,
Metro Atlanta Scotch Club - Jack@AtlantaScotchClub.com
Wallet: $30 Online Purchase or Pay $30 at the door

Haig Club is a ‘single grain’ scotch whisky based on a mashbill of 90% wheat (or corn) and 10% malted barley. Very little single grain whisky is bottled; 99.99% is mixed with malt whiskies to make ‘blended scotch’ such as Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker and Dewar’s. Our Cutty Sark is not the ubiquitous blended scotch, but the rarely to be found Cutty Sark ‘blended malt’ (a combination of single malt from 2 or more distilleries). Its mashbill is 100% malted barley. Tamdhu 10 (Speyside) and Ardmore Triple Wood (Highlands) are delicious single malts in the all-rounder style. Laphroaig Select is our representative in the digestif (Islay peated) category. We finish will my favorite whisky liqueur: Gordon & MacPhail’s Atholl Brose. So, do come and try it for yourself… and do please bring a friend. Sláinte.

WHISKY MENU: 1 Single Grain, 1 Blended Malt, 3 Single Malts & 1 Whisky Liqueur
1. HAIG CLUB Single Grain Scotch Whisky / NAS / 40% ABV / OB: Cameronbridge Dist / Brand Owner: Diageo Scotland Ltd. (Diageo plc) / Lowland (Fife)
2. CUTTY SARK Blended Malt / NAS / 40% ABV / OB: Glenrothes Dist / Dist Owner: Edrington Group Ltd. (Robertson Trust) / Scotland
3. TAMDHU Single Malt / 10-year / 40% ABV / OB / Dist Owner: Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd. (Peter J. Russell & Co.) / Speyside (Central)
4. ARDMORE Single Malt / 'Triple Wood' / NAS / 46% ABV / NCF / OB / Dist Owner: Beam Suntory UK Ltd. (Suntory Holdings) / Highland (Eastern)
5. LAPHROAIG Single Malt / 'Select' / NAS / 40% ABV / OB / Dist Owner: Beam Suntory UK Ltd. (Suntory Holdings Ltd.) / Islay (Kildalton)
6. ATHOLL BROSE Whisky Liqueur / 'Dunkeld' / NAS / 35% ABV / OB / Dist Owner: Gordon & MacPhail / Scotland

Proprietor Harvey and Manager Bryan are opening the door for an evening of good single malt Scotch and Cigars. After you add your favorite stogy, you’ll have a winning formula: Fine Cigars + Good Whisky + Great Friends = An Enjoyable Event @ Maxwell’s Cigar Bar! May I suggest that you grab a friend or two and head on over to Maxwell’s Cigar Bar?

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