Event Registration Benefits Once Event Is Over

Event Registration Benefits Once Event Is Over

Just because your event is over doesn’t mean the work is. Successful events are only successful because they don’t waste anytime when the event is over. Here is how using your event registration to help you connect with your attendees after they’ve all gone home.

Email List

Due to your event, you now have a pile of contact information, which includes emails. Send attendees a follow-up email thanking them for coming. Also, encourage some kind of follow up action. This may include tagging themselves in Facebook photos or offering a discount to the next event you host.

Don’t Waste Time

The biggest mistake you can make is waiting too long after an event to reach out to your attendees. The attendees can lose the emotional connection to the event after a few days. Therefore, you only have one to two days after the event to send follow up content. Now you have the unique opportunity of turning nostalgia into business.

Continue Event Promotion

So, now you have multiple emails and only a short time frame to send content. Use this opportunity to continue your event promotions. Start letting people know about upcoming events that they would seem interested in. This then leads to sending them ticketing information and more details on the events. The event promotion and registration cycle has started all over again. In addition to this article, you can reference previous articles written on CulinaryLocal for more in depth information on the next steps to take in the event marketing process.


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