East Roswell Eats: Foundation Social Eatery

Foundation Social Eatery Booth

East Roswell Eats: Foundation Social Eatery

It’s a special treat when I get to write about a restaurant I’m already a fan of and Foundation Social Eatery is just that. Chef Mel Toledo and his wife Sandy opened the restaurant with the idea of creating a place where people could come together. There aren’t any televisions so guests are encouraged to stay focused on each other. Each other and the food, of course.

Foundation has an ever-evolving menu that keeps you coming back. Instead of doing a big, drastic change every season, they make small changes along the way. Their Bahn Mi sandwiches, for example, have gone through quite a few incarnations. It’s one of my personal favorites. Some of their other signature dishes include mushroom ravioli and short ribs. With guests who come in as often as twice a week, it’s important to always have something new to try.

It’s truly amazing the heart and soul this small, independent restaurant is able to put into everything they do. It probably helps that they keep everything in-house. The short ribs, for example, take nearly three days to make and every bit of it is done by Chef Mel and his crew.  At the very least, all that effort deserves to be given a chance.

The food isn’t the only thing that keeps me coming back to Foundation Social Eatery. I’m a big fan of their drink menu, too. The wine menu has plenty of variety, and the ever-changing beers on tap embody Chef Mel’s ideal of “Keep it evolving.” Then there are the mixed drinks, or Strong Pours. Chef Mel keeps six on the menu and changes them up just like he does with everything else. So, grab yourself a FSE Reviver, a Double Crossed Mule, or a Peach Cobbler and toast to bringing people back to the Foundation of it all.

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