Crawlin’ Back to the 80s with Atlanta Bar Crawls

Crawlin’ Back to the 80s with Atlanta Bar Crawls

Atlanta Bar Crawls

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Should you have been a 1930s, whiskey swiggin’ flapper girl, or maybe a psychedelic Woodstock hippie of the 70s? Should you have been a 1950s properly “pearled” June Cleaver, or maybe you feel as if you belong in the future with Michael J. Fox’s DeLorean and super powered robots! What was your favorite decade? Where do you belong?

I am certain I could have been happy in any of those eras. I can swig good whiskey with the best of them, but I do love my pearls as a proper Southern woman should. I was born however to wear neon colors, jelly shoes and lace gloves. I was born to roll up the bottoms of my acid wash jeans, tease my hair sky high with Aquanet, paint on bright blue eyeshadow, and be blessed with the best decade of movies ever. EVER. I … was born to be a child of the 80s.

Although I don’t miss the parachute pants or striped, male headbands too much these days, I do miss the music, the cocktails and the outrageous amount of fun we had. Thanks to Atlanta Bar Crawls, sweet boy and I got to “Relax, and do it” all over again in Little Five Points during the 80s Bar Crawl. Duran Duran would be proud.

Atlanta Bar Crawls

This “totally bitchin’” morning began with me thinking, “I am entirely too old for this.” Upon arrival for the event at 1pm, in the AFTERNOON (do you still drink at 1:00pm? Not judging!), I was both surprised and overjoyed to see a crowd not only of college students, but fellow children of the 80s! It reminded me of how “totally awesome” we were! Scratch that … ARE! All of a sudden, I am “totally rad” again, and drinking at 1pm! In the afternoon!


Our first stop was The Wrecking Bar Brew Pub. Wow. There is so much to this incredibly “choice” spot. A historic home converted to a restaurant and brewery, they are a place you want to visit.


We began in the taproom with a “bangin’” beer tasting. They have some great choices like Breaking Bob, Not A Whale Nut Brown Ale, Sow Your Wild Oatmeal Porter, and everything is brewed on site. There is a full service restaurant, full bar and a fantastic story when you move into the main part of Wrecking Bar. This was one of my favorite stops.

Wrecking Bar Brewpub Atlanta

After sublime craft beers, our next stop was Corner Tavern for Jello Shots! Enough said.


Following that was $2 Mimosa’s, $3 Heinekens, Fireball Shots and Painkillers at Brewhouse Café. They also threw in a “fantabulous” deal offering 10% off wings, nachos and personal pizzas. I miss personal pizzas. Truly.

Brewhouse Cafe Atlanta

Next up was a visit to the Front Page News. They had me at Hurricanes. At this point we were in desperate need of food! We ordered the “righteous” crab cakes and salmon, at 15% off bar crawlers discount I might add.

Front Page News Atlanta

After some nourishment, we went next door to the Tijuana Garage for $3 Miller Lites and super “hip” $5 House Margaritas.

Front Page News Atlanta

Our final destination on the crawl, and we were crawling by this point, was “outrageous” specials on cocktails and food from Arcadia. Their cocktail menu is printed on a 45 RPM record and they serve Singapore Slings! How 80s, how “dank”!

Arcadia Atlanta

At the end of the day we were still going strong and hung out a while with some of our 80s brethren. It seems I’m not too old after all. I was reminded age is a state of mind. What a stellar reminder.

Atlanta Bar Crawls 80s

This “I Love the 80s Neon Bar Crawl” was THE BOMBDIGGITY! Did I misspell that? Guess I’m still nursing my “totally awesome” hangover. 😉 So worth it!

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