Top Ten Most Talked About Restaurants this Year

Top Ten Most Talked About Restaurants this Year

After celebrating an epic year of Atlanta food events, we wanted to take the time to appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a quality experience for us lovable and often oh-so particular foodies (yes we know we can be difficult). At CulinaryLocal, we have looked over our Best of Atlanta lists from 2018, to discover what restaurants have been talked about the most and what makes them special. Take a look for yourself at the Atlanta 2018 favorites. This New Year try a new favorite or revisit an oldy-but-goody.

We at CulinaryLocal proudly raise a toast to all the restaurants, staff and hard work with late hours, which makes the Atlanta food scene what it is today. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Happy New Year!

Heirloom BBQtop Atlanta restaurants

This little well known BBQ spot on the side of the road has popped up in our Top 100 Chefs, Top 50 Restaurants, Top 10 BBQ, Top 10 Korean, and Top 10 Women in the Food Industry lists this year. Owned by Chefs Cody Taylor (a native Southerner) and Jiyeon Lee (a South Korean ex-pat). At Heirloom Market, “simple, classic, and fresh are three adjectives that should never be lost when providing such a polarizing cuisine as BBQ.” There is often a line out the door that can be seen from the road.

Holeman and Finch Public HouseBest Atlanta Restaurants

A popular watering hole, this restaurant has made a name for itself with both sides of the coin – food and drink. They have been featured in our Top 100 Chefs, Top 10 Whiskey Bars, Top 10 Restaurants in Buckhead, Top 10 Martini Bars, and Top 10 Late Night Spots. Enjoy food and drink at this modern gastropub with unique takes on vintage fare. Chef Linton Hopkin is an Atlanta native who cooks seasonally, with the goal to use the best ingredients in the best ways. Putting quality of food and drink first, with customers at the center of everything they do, it’s hard to go wrong.

Local Three New Years Countdown Atlanta Restaurants

This neighborhood hotspot has proudly found itself on our Top 100 Chefs, Top 10 Whiskey Bars, Top 10 Buckhead Restaurants, Top 10 Weird in ATL, and Best New Years Day Breakfast Spots. Chefs Chris Hall, Todd Mussman, and Ryan Turner have come together to create a cool hangout for New American fare and cocktails. The decor is definitely on the interesting side with random movie paraphernalia from the Big Lebowski and large paintings of pigs.

The Vortex Bar and GrillBest Restaurants of the year Atlanta

Check out the bar and grill that really knows how to stand out. This establishment has made it onto our Top 10 Cider Spots, Top 10 Weird in ATL, Top 10 Fondue Places, Top 10 Trivia, and Top 10 Late Night Spots lists. First time customers will be able to easily spot this place, with its larger than life skull of the crazy scooby-doo possessed eye variety. You must enter through its gaping mouth, and be over 21 since it is a bar. This bar is mainly known for its burgers and drink selection with live music of the rock ‘n’ roll variety.

TWO Urban Licks Best ATL restaurants of the year

Looking for a fun night out? This popular restaurant has made a name for itself in some great categories, Top 100 Chefs, Top 10 Beltline Restaurants, Top 10 Food & Music spots, Top 10 Romantic Restaurants, and Top 10 Bonfire Spots. Located right on the Beltline, this restaurant is great for almost anything you are looking for. It’s dog friendly, so feel free to bring your furry four-legged sidekick along. There is a deck overlooking the Beltline which includes a great skyline view. Live music on select days. Of course it’s first and foremost known for great food.

Aria Top ATL restaurants 2018

This upscale establishment is perfect for a dress to impress occasion. Aria has proudly made a place for itself on the Top 100 Chefs, Top 50 Restaurants, Top 10 Romantic Restaurants, and Top 10 Buckhead Restaurants. Only open for dinner, Chef Gerry Klaskala prepares seasonal Modern American style cuisine which a changing menu nightly. Expect an elegant, contemporary setting with a bonus secret wine cellar table. The idea behind what runs this restaurant is that one size does not fit all and that memorable experiences happen every day.

Bacchanalia Top Atlanta restaurants 2018

Chef Anne Quatrano is one of the pillars of the Atlanta food scene, so it is not surprising that her restaurants have come to our attention several times. In 2018, she made it onto the Top 100 Chefs, Top 50 Restaurants, Top 10 Women in the Food Industry, and Top 10 LBGTQ venues. Expect white tablecloths, four-course meals paired with wine, caviar service and a truly one of a kind experience. Here food is beautifully plated to show off the best of seasonal New American cuisine, made from produce grown at a farm owned and tended by the Chef herself.

Empire State South Best Atlanta restaurants 2018

This tasty hotspot has appeared in our Top 100 Chefs, Top 50 Restaurants, Top 10 Weekday Breakfast Spots, and Top 10 Romantic Restaurants lists. Open bright and early at 7 a.m. every weekday, Empire State South serves up some unforgettable breakfast. Diners can choose between plates of chicken fried sandwiches, classic breakfast bagels, signature bowls of oatmeal, their special ricotta omelets, and so much more. In addition to delicious breakfast options, Empire State South, also roasts their own coffee in-house, drink a cup there or take one to go!

Barcelona Wine Bar Best ATL restaurants 2018

Barcelona Wine Bar is unique in that it has two locations in Atlanta, both with different vibes and star chefs, and both have managed to make several of our lists. They have been featured on the Top 100 Chefs (both locations), Top 10 Beltline Restaurants, and Top 10 Bonfires Spots. The atmosphere of Barcelona Inman Park is one that invites people to spend time and linger over a meal with friends. Their tapas based menu is extensive and world wide, with experts to advise on the best selection of wine for your dining pleasure and price range.

Nikolai’s Roof Top ATL restaurants 2018

We had the privilege this year to spotlight Nikolai’s Roof’s Executive Chef with an video interview, as well as, featuring the restaurant in several Best of Atlanta lists. Check out what this upscale establishment has to offer: Top 100 Chefs, Top 10 Romantic Restaurants, Top 10 Eastern European Spots and Chef Interview. Chef Stephanie Alderete attended culinary school in Atlanta, working a Buckhead cheese counter, before finding her way to the Hilton as a line cook at Le Cafe. From there, she worked her way up to Nikolai’s Roof to became Executive Chef in 2012.

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