Cooking Lobster at Beetlecat

cooking lobster

Cooking Lobster at Beetlecat

Is cooking lobster improperly your chief failing as a human being? Do you have tons of chipper crustaceans crowding your counter? Are you looking to add a new date-night meal to your repertoire that declares your stable financial status as well as cooking chops? Come to Beetlecat‘s cooking demonstration on Tuesday night, and Chef Andrew Isabella will teach you five ways to prep America’s tastiest marine animal.

Cooking Lobster Five Ways

lobster-roll-with-aioli-by-andrew-thomas-lee-2Chef Isabella will reveal the secrets of the BeetleCat lobster roll! BeetleCat serves the lobster on a hamburger-like bun, instead of a hot dog bun or sub roll. He’ll fit all the meat from a fresh, whole lobster on this small bun. Instead of mixing the lobster meat with mayonnaise (or anything of the sort) a hefty dollop of aioli perches atop the lobster meat.

Another dish on the evening’s menu is called Lobster Bienville. Comparable to Oysters Bienville or Oysters Rockefeller, Lobster Bienville is a New Orleans-style preparation of baked lobster.

He’ll also demonstrate how to make lobster bisque, crispy lobster tacos and lobster ceviche lettuce wraps. All of these will be super fresh, since Beetlecat gets live lobsters delivered to the restaurant every day.

In addition to watching a lobster-cooking master at work, guests will get to taste each dish Chef Isabella prepares. They’ll also sample a wine paired with each course by Beverage Manager Eduardo Guzman.

According to Wikipedia, lobsters can live almost 70 years. Learn how to cook and serve these guys, and you’ll even out the longevity playing field.

Chef Andrew Isabella

beetlecat_final_0046Chef Andrew Isabella got his start with Ford Fry Restaurants at no. 246 in Decatur. There he worked with the restaurant’s executive chef, Drew Belline, who is now a VP of Culinary at Ford Fry Restaurants. At no. 246, Chef Isabella’s recipes provided his take on his family’s Italian recipes, like spinach pie and fritters with peaches.

When Fry opened Marcel on the west side of Atlanta, Chef Isabella was tapped to help at the French-inspired steakhouse. With Marcel’s success, Fry looked to Isabella to lead the company’s next venture at Beetlecat.

BeetleCat is a sister seafood restaurant to The Optimist (which Ford Fry bills as “a beach-food experience for landlocked Atlantans”). Beetlecat’s offerings include wood-roasted crab, octopus, clams and more. As a Florida-native, Andrew Isabella was a perfect fit for the shore-style, seafood-focused fare at BeetleCat.

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