CulinaryLocal Interview with Atlanta Business Radio X

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CulinaryLocal Interview with Atlanta Business Radio X

On March 27th, 2017, CulinaryLocal’s President and CEO, Yves Neidlinger, met with hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton for Atlanta Business Radio. The internet radio show interviews business owners and entrepreneurs from Metro Atlanta’s leading companies. On this episode, Stone and Lee discuss with Mr. Neidlinger CulinaryLocal’s beginnings, its competitive advantages, new features, and its outreach in the community.

LISTEN to the interview below:

Describing CulinaryLocal to Atlanta Business Radio Hosts & Guests

As a ticketing platform and marketplace for food and beverage events and culinary experiences, CulinaryLocal partners with over 200 restaurants, chefs, and breweries; partners, whether current or future, can be anyone in the hospitality industry. When asked to give an example of an event, Mr. Neidlinger named several. There are four course wine dinners, brewery tours, pub crawls, pop-up dinners, cooking classes, food walking tours, wine tastings; the list goes on!

Competitive Advantage

Yves states “our whole purpose is around connecting restaurants with consumers and giving people more exposure to all these amazing events and what we call ‘experiences’ around Atlanta. There’s no single resource that exists where people can easily go and find high quality food and drink events and experiences without having to go to 20 websites and sign up to all sorts of newsletters”  [00:02:38]. Restaurants also benefit from working with CulinaryLocal because “we are elevating the brands [sic] we work with” through marketing kits, promotion, ticketing and financial transactions for the events and experiences [00:03:03].


“We have a number of really truly interesting experiences,” says Yves, “And these are unique because these are not deals; these are meant to be really unique culinary experiences that you can’t find elsewhere” [00:06:13]. Experiences are fixed-priced offers that people can buy online and redeem at any time. These range from all inclusive dinners at some of Atlanta’s top restaurants to Pine Street Market’s “Be a Butcher for a Day”.  At this particular experience, costumers can hang out and work alongside the butcher while learning different skills.

Ultimately, Neidlinger explained, what we are doing is about making it easy for customers to discover events and helping these restaurants get more exposure as well as enhance their brands.

CulinaryLocal’s Community Outreach

Finally, Yves expands upon CulinaryLocal’s community involvement. One such event is the charity cook-off Smoke and Glory on April 2nd. The proceeds from this event will go towardsTthe Giving Kitchen. Another upcoming event is International Night Market happening April 21-23, which is expecting close to 50,000 people.

Things are definitely picking up for CulinaryLocal! Be on the lookout for all to come and sign up for our newsletter on our website! And thank you Stone and Lee for having CulinaryLocal speak on Atlanta Business Radio!

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