Find Both Flavor and Finesse at a Dinner from Chez Montier

Find Both Flavor and Finesse at a Dinner from Chez Montier

Food Sketches Pop Up Spring Fling 2016 3For a magnificent Atlanta dining experience, look no further than Chez Montier. Chef Juan Montier, who established the catering, floral, and event décor company in 2004, has recently launched a series of pop-up dinners in Atlanta. The pop-up format allows Montier to offer truly unique events in which the menu and atmosphere are both carefully crafted.

This Saturday, March 26, Chez Montier will present a “Spring Fling” Pop-Up Restaurant at Symposium Wines in Midtown. The boutique wine store, which boasts a high ceiling and elegantly spare architecture, will be transformed into an intimate space for dining. The evening will begin at 5:30 PM with specialty cocktails and live music, and attendees will enjoy seven courses with complementary wine pairings over the course of the night. You may see some classic recipes with unique twists, such as a dessert of deconstructed strawberry shortcake. From the light palate cleanser of a lemon, mint, and ginger granita to the main course of herb-encrusted lamb shank, the dishes will be varied and flavorful – a wonderful indulgence for Atlantans who love food.

Food Sketches Pop Up Spring Fling 2016 1Both flavor and presentation matter to Juan Montier. As an interior designer who trained in architecture, he pays attention to the aesthetics of dining and sketches each dish before he prepares it. (You can see his sketches for the “Spring Fling” on this page.) “Your eye eats before your mouth,” he says. But Montier values taste above all, and he works to ensure that the spices and fresh, local ingredients that he uses make greater impressions than their platings.

While Juan Montier may stand out as a chef due to his varied areas of expertise, he has been passionate about the culinary arts since childhood. His parents, both doctors, were often too busy to step into the kitchen, and so Montier learned the fundamentals from their housekeeper and developed a love of cooking. In college at Kansas State, he happened to room with a Food Science major. As their fellow students relied on cup ramen for dinner, Montier and his roommate would prepare duck à l’orange. Montier worked exclusively in interior design for some time after he graduated, but he never stopped cooking and experimenting with recipes.

Impressed friends and family pushed Montier to take his cooking to a professional level. After competing in The View‘s Next Celebrity Chef contest, he did just that. Juan Montier and his wife Judith have seen their business grow along with Atlanta’s evolving food scene. Pop-up restaurants are a relatively recent trend, and Chez Montier’s beautiful dinners demonstrate the potential of that format. Attendees can enjoy a refined atmosphere, connect with fellow foodies, and savor a one-of-a-kind feast tailored especially to the season.

What better way to welcome the start of spring? Chez Montier is a CulinaryLocal event partner, and you can register for their pop-up events in our marketplace.

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