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Flavor PREP

The Flavors of PREP!

by Kaela Proctor

PREP - Cook. Create. Connect.

PREP offers what is essentially working spaces that are set up all around the food industry. They have full kitchens, area for storage, small offices, and more. PREP allows the foodies with a dream, the space to make it come true, and expand their process with the kitchen setup which is es...

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Beer Tasting and Tours at Naughty Soda and Ironmonger Brewing Company

by Taylor Manhart

The creators of Naughty Soda have a simple question for you: What makes you naughty?  At Naughty Soda, you will find all-natural hard sodas with fresh and original flavors like you've never tasted.  The brewers have experimented to create flavors that you will love.  From the Sun Tea to the Strawberry Lemon sodas, you will never run out of flavors to choose from.  Ironmonger Brewing Company is...

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Insider: Chef’s Four Course Wine Dinner at Wahoo Grill

by Mary Hannaford

You’ll find Wahoo! Grill hidden in the heart of Decatur, and you may want to stay nestled in the corner for the entire two tacos from the entree menu at the wine dinner at Wahoo GrillContinue Reading

Getting Festive at the Atlanta Bar Crawls

Insider: West Midtown Ultimate Brew Tour

by Mary Hannaford

Prepare to take over Atlanta alongside a group of fun and thirsty buddies with the lovely assistance of Atlanta Bar Crawls. This might be the best way to see a new city, or introduce a new city to friends. Atlanta Bar Crawls small team of three makes the events more personal, and definitely adds a thick layer or community and character to your bar hopping afternoon or evening. Continue Reading

Insider: Cocktail Tasting and Bar Bites

by aaron.smay

Amer, nestled in upscale Inman Quarter, is offering an experience tailor-made for the cocktail lover inside all of us. Bring your fellow foodie for a series of 4 custom, artisanal cocktails paired with your choice of hand-picked plates. With a variety of styles from airy and easy in the front of the restaurant to something sexier in th...

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Vino Venue Wine Tasting Appetizers

Insider: Experience Vino Venue Wine Tasting

by Neala Rae

The Vino Venue wine tasting experience is so much more than meets the eye. The friendly service and knowledge the staff has to offer at Vino Venue make it an experience leaving you planning your next trip back before you’ve even left!

This experience includes a wine flight of five wines, all of your choosing. Your welcome to choose any reds or whites, so don’t ...

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Insider: Experience Doraku

by Neala Rae

This Japanese gastropub, Doraku, is both intimate and unique as it is delicious. With this experience you’ll indulge on a twenty piece nigiri fish tasting, all based on Chef Todd Kulper’s personal choice and the freshest possible fish that evening.

Leave the thinking behind, sit back and relax, because Chef Todd will make the decisions for y...

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Insider: 10 Course Dinner Prepared by Jared Hucks in Your Own Kitchen

by Mary Hannaford

Jared Hucks, of Dogwood Table, is one of Atlanta's most notable chefs. He spent his early years training and learning at prestigious restaurants all over the globe. Denmark's Noma and Thailand's Baan Rim Pa restaurant group are places he's called home. He's made his way back to Atlanta and now he's started the pop up club Dogwood Table. But he's not alone. Mixologist and sommelier, Adam Fox, is hi...

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Insider: Exclusive In-Home Experience with Chopped and Iron Chef Winner

by Mary Hannaford

Have you been looking for a unique date idea, or a get together with friends that will leave them chatting about it for months? It turns out you can do just that without leaving the comfort of your own home. This private in-home dinner has it all. With Chef Ed Harris, winner of Chopped and Iron Chef International, you can experience al...

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Beer Barrels from the Second Self Private Beer Tour

Insider: Second Self Private Beer Tour

by Luiza Bon

Craft beer is enjoyed by many, a hobby for some, and a passion for few. Second Self Beer Company is definitely part of the few, with excellence that you taste on every sip. Beer tours are not strangers to the GA beer lover, but for the first time they are offering a private beer tour! The Second Self private...

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