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Piastra Wine Dinner

Piastra Teaming Up for a Rustic Italian Wine Dinner

by Colleen Callahan

Piastra on the Marietta Square is a lovely farm-to-table Italian restaurant featuring the delicious creations of Chef Greg Lipman. Chef Greg is masterful at creating rustic yet refined dishes that somehow always seem to surprise and delight the palate. The recent Prestige Wine Imports dinner was an ideal opportunity fo...

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Whiskey Dinner

Whiskey Dinner at Under the Cork Tree

by Loren Ashley Browne

chicken with orange blossom honey drizzleSPRING IS HERE and summ...

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5 Course Dinner with Jack Daniel's Whiskey

5 Course Dinner Featuring Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

by Candyce Vaughan

Jack Daniels's whiskey I think I've found my new favorite restaurant! I was invited by my friends at CulinaryLocal to attend a ...

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Thin Mint Cupcakes

The Great Cookie Cookout: Green Egg Cookie Love

by Leslie

There are times on an ordinary day when cell phones are great: when you receive an email from CulinaryLocal to attend an event that incorporates community, Girl Scout cookies, and a Green Egg. Immediately, I bought my daughter a ticket and wrote the date on all of my calendars and invited a chef friend to come out. Five Chefs and five Girl Scout Cookie creations make for a five-star evening of cu...

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owner of CalyRoad in cheese and wine tasting room

Unique Cheese and Wine Tasting at CalyRoad Creamery

by Denise Romeo

cheese for saleDo you like cheese? How about wine? Combine the two and you have the makings of an excellent tasting event! Each month, Atlanta's ...

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Piastra Restaurant with Prisoner Wines Menu

Piastra Restaurant with Prisoner Wines

by Rochelle Wharton-Paige

Welcome to the Piastra Restaurant, located in the downtown area of Marietta where everything is buzzing any night of the week. I have been invited by CulinaryLocal as an ambassador for a food and wine tasting. I arrive to this rustic building with an Italian feel. I enter the establishment and head to...

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To Seafood on an Egg with Love

by Leslie

To Seafood on the Egg with Love: La Cordon Green

Being the pescatarian that I am, this event was a perfect match for me, as a Culinary Local Ambassador, Green egg user, and seafood enthusiast. In each class, you receive...

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Cooking with Cast Iron on The Big Green Egg

by Colleen Callahan

If you haven’t already heard, you can cook pretty much anything on The Big Green Egg. The versatility of this grill/smoker is simply amazing. I recently had the opportunity to attend an interactive cooking class at The Big Green Egg Culinary Center to learn how to cook using cast iron on an Egg. It was nothing short of spectacular. The team of Chef Amanda Egidio and Chef/Pitmaster Taylor Shul...

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The Big Green Egg Basics Class is for Everyone

by Serena Hale

Things covered during the Big Green Egg Basics Class:

  1. Breaking down the components of the Big Green EggCooking Salmon on the BGE
  2.  Assembly
  3. How to light Your Big Green Egg
  4. B...

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Big Green Egg BBQ

Tailgating on The Big Green Egg

by Serena Hale

When you think of entertaining and cooking, what do you usually think of? Ovens, stovetop cooking, and BBQ grills. But it is time to expand your way of thinking when it comes to entertaining and cooking. I had a chance to change it by attending my first Big Green Egg cooking class in Atlanta. Continue Reading

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