Brick Store Pub: A 20 Year Old Jewel

Brick Store Pub: A 20 Year Old Jewel

Located in the heart of Decatur, is Brick Store Pub.  Locals and travelers love to come to this hang out, which has been serving specialty beers since 1997. Founders Dave Blanchard, Mike Gallagher, and Tom Moore have created a perfect bar, right down to last pour.  Service is wonderful, the food is fresh, and the beer is especially rich.  They have hundreds of beers to enjoy, from locally brewed beers to beers imported from Germany.  Upstairs, is the authentic Belgian Beer Bar, where there a different draught beers rotating frequently, along with over 100 Belgian bottled beers.  The owners believe they currently have the largest beer cellar in the United States with over 900 types of brews.  These beers have been around for 20 years and Brick Store is guaranteed to satisfy your beer drinking taste buds and will surely have you coming back.

Chef Rian Tittle

Chef Rian Tittle has been cooking and creating delicious meals for Brick Store Pub for 16 years.  8-10 years ago, Brick Store was serving more traditional pub fare.  Now, Brick Store specialized in southern cuisine, to fit the culture of Decatur that surrounds them.  All of the meat prepared is fresh and in house.  Chef Tittle and others from Brick Store recently participated in Smoke and Glory, a rib cook off competition.  Chef Tittle put together smoked spare ribs with a tangy, mustard based barbecue sauce, then finished with a creamy apple slaw.  At Brick Store, the chefs use their fresh and flavorful meat to their advantage, as the favorites at the pub are smoked sausages and some of the best burgers around.

The food and the Belgian house beers are certainty enough to keep people coming back, but according to Chef Tittle, having a career at the pub is like no other.  The managers are subrickstore-1pportive and give the chefs room to grow and to be creative with their dishes.  This is why Brick Store cannot be compared with any other pub.  Chefs who the have freedom to create their own dishes, make for a fantastic atmosphere.  Come visit Brick Store and see what they have to offer!  The Belgian Beer Bar is open for reservations for private events, which can be made on their website or by phone.

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