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Experience Cultural Diversity at the Atlanta International Night Market

The first weekend in November found me immersed in the culture of 70 countries, all without leaving Atlanta. How is this possible? I attended the Atlanta International Night Market of course. With foo...

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Worlds of Fun at the Atlanta International Night Market

Over 75,000 people had the chance to Taste the World at the first Atlanta International Night Market. The concept for this special event was inspired by the incredible outdoor markets found throughout...

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Atlanta Night Market – Taste the World

Atlanta has hosted the 2nd edition of the INTERNATIONAL NIGHT MARKET and I cannot be more thrilled.  Imagine 70+ countries represented with over 200 independent vendors as they demonstrate so many a...

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Event Planning – Tips for Social Media Promotion

There are a great many websites that help promote your event, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify. These platforms can help individuals find and narrow down events of their interests. Researching w...

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