Better Understanding of Content Marketing

Better Understanding of Content Marketing

Focusing on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to define your target audience, which in return, should bring profitability is content marketing. With content marketing the distribution is just as important as the creation process, along with being relevant and consistent. But with content marketing comes some misconceptions people may have. So here are some of those misconceptions debunked.

#1: Content creation is more important than distribution
You have created all this valuable content, but how do you get it out? You must have a distribution plan in place before you have your content. Spend equal parts of your time on content creation and distribution. Don’t just post all your content on all your channels, delicate what content fits which channel and then create more content tailored to each individual channel.

#2: Content marketing is just a blog
People often categorize content marketing with blogs, but it actually applies to all channels. Every channel outlet is an opportunity to distribute content. Deliberate which channels get which content, and which audience you’ll resonate with most. Then you’ll want to keep track of what content is or isn’t working on each individual channel and what is getting the most interaction with your audience.

#3: Content value must be high
You don’t need to hire a professional to create your content. Your content doesn’t have to properly polished to perfection. Actually, it will come off as for authentic if your content is a little rough around the edges. With smartphones and tablets, social media channels are just a click away. This allows your to create real time content and add visuals like pictures and videos.

#4: It’s all about the pre-event
Content promoting an upcoming event is very important. But should the audience interaction stop there? Keep producing content before, during, and after the event. During the event, post content showing your audience how great the event is. Its a great opportunity for guest interact on social media. Post-event content should remind the guests of what a success the event was and prepare them for the next one.

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