Benefits of Co-Marketing for Events

Benefits of Co-Marketing for Events

What if you have created all these great marketing and business ideas but don’t have the staff or funds to pull it off? That is where co-marketing comes in to help. It’s all about taking advantage of your resources and relationships that you have, rather than straining to keep up with all of the new things you don’t have the time or money to do. Co-marketing is the process of collaborating with another company with the same interests as you and indulge in each others resources and marketing team. This can not only save you money, but also build your brand and credibility.

Apply to Internet Marketing
Webinars are one of the most cost-effective ways for companies to generate leads and sales. Team up with another credible company that has good data and best practices to contribute. Both companies promote the webinar and share the leads with each other. Doing something like this alone will probably only generate a third of the result for double the amount of effort.

Four Quick Tips
Make it a win-win: Pick a partner that aligns well with your business. Then you want to show them the value of co-marketing and the benefits that come along with it. Highlight the fact that sharing data and resources is nothing but a positive.

Give more than you get: Selling your value to someone else is the relatively easy part. But you should strive to exceed your partner’s’ expectations. Just because you are starting a partnership doesn’t mean you get to only put forth 50% effort. Don’t expect your partner to do the heavy lifting.

Make it easy: Having someone join your marketing campaign can become a difficult situation if you expect the partner to pick up your slack. The less you ask them to do, the more likely they are to go above and beyond. A smart thing to do is to create a checklist and a promotion guide, complete with sample content for emails, social media channels, and other collateral.

Do a debriefing: After every webinar, call to review what worked and what didn’t work to improve on next time. This step can be easily overlook but is very important so you both can improve and grow.

By using these four tips, you’ll be able to run a successful co-marketing campaigns. And you’ll also build strong relationships with partners in your industry.

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