Beer Tasting and Tours at Naughty Soda and Ironmonger Brewing Company

Beer Tasting and Tours at Naughty Soda and Ironmonger Brewing Company

The creators of Naughty Soda have a simple question for you: What makes you naughty?  At Naughty Soda, you will find all-natural hard sodas with fresh and original flavors like you’ve never tasted.  The brewers have experimented to create flavors that you will love.  From the Sun Tea to the Strawberry Lemon sodas, you will never run out of flavors to choose from.  Ironmonger Brewing Company is anotherbf8e8d05e33b031c4c309a4f86e77840-15faec2e83f1a69bb4afdcd333ba1072-940x626 part of the establishment that is right next door to Naughty Soda.  Ironmonger Brewing has all of you traditional beers brewed with all natural ingredients, inducing German, Belgian, English, and American fresh brews.  These two production breweries are the closest to the brand new Braves stadium in Cobb County, so you will be in for a fun-filled day!  They have multiple national gold medal winning beers, so make sure you plan a visit!

Beer Tastings and Tours

Naughty Soda and Ironmonger Brewing have about 200 tours a year.  They are Wednesday and Thursday from 5 pm-9 pm, Friday from 5 pm-10 pm, and Saturday from 2 pm- 10 pm.  The president of these breweries, Larry Greenstein, has put together the most enjoyable of tours.  These tours are perfect for date nights, so ladies make sure to bring your significant others!  It will be a time that both of you will enjoy without a doubt.  Because it is closest to the Braves stadium, you have to make room for a baseball game too!  Naughty Soda and Ironmonger Brewing have been in the Food Network Magazine, CNN, The New York Times, and more!  This will definitely not be last time you will be hearing about these amazing breweries and their creators.  Links for information on tickets at both Naughty Soda and Ironmonger are below.




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