Follow These Steps to Avoid Producing Bad Content

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Follow These Steps to Avoid Producing Bad Content

Gary Vaynerchuk“I don’t even think about content without thinking about distribution. I don’t ever think about content without the context of the platform and most of all, I never think about content unless I think about the empathy of the end user who is consuming it.”

Gary Vaynerchuk


There are many advantages to having a well rounded fully integrated content marketing structure, but many are unaware of the ripple effect of damage an ill-conceived or badly planned strategy can bring. Straying from brand, pushing irrelevant content, inconsistent message or ignoring context directly affects sales and consumer loyalty. Longevity of your event is directly proportional to the loyalty your consumers feel toward your brand.

Bad content is any content marketing that does not have value, relatability, or consistent brand messaging, and isn’t purposefully designed to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

consistent design in branding is key to avoiding bad contentBrand

Staying on brand goes beyond graphic design, it is building an emotional connection and a cohesive compelling message. If you were to lay out every post, share, comment, like, tweet, ad, article etc. the story progression should be cohesive. A content marketing strategy is a living breathing thing that evolves, it should all flow together and look as if it were pulled from the same magazine spread. It gives the consumer a feeling of security knowing your event or brand is still the same memorable experience.

Style Guide

Creating a style guide as a point of reference will help you stay on course, especially if you have many events throughout the year, an individual guide for every event will save time and ensure brand cohesiveness when you begin each new event marketing timeline. Longevity of your event is directly proportional to the loyalty your consumers feel toward your brand.


To achieve relatability with your consumers you need to follow their attention. Keep a finger on the pulse of trends while contributing to the conversation will not only keep your content relevant but will help your client feel a connection to your brand. Comment on viral topics, respond to conversations started with your posts. Thank your consumers for being engaged and for putting their time into your social media.

man writing on white boardAuthority principle

Establishing yourself or your brand ambassador as an authority will solidify that you are the go-to person for anything in your particular niche. Educate your customers on anything within your brand that would interest them, show you care by imparting your knowledge on them for free. Is your event wine related? Produce a cluster of content educating your consumers on how to taste wine at your event, what foods to pair, what can they expect from cool climate wines versus warm climate? There is always knowledge you can pass on to add value to your client experience.

Add Value

If you are always adding value by pushing deals your clients will feel overwhelmed by sales pressure and they will tune you out. Advertisement blindness can sink your event. Nike offers customers the opportunity to join free online workout classes just for being customers, this creates millions of brand ambassadors and adds value to purchasing. Lays potato chips and Lego offers the consumer the opportunity to design and vote on their new products, this is fun for the customer and creates lifetime invested connection to the brands.

little girl jumpingBe yourself

Being yourself is the most authentic form of content marketing and will help you avoid producing bad content. Speak your truth, incorporate it in your style guide, live your mission statement. Most companies begin by gaining a foothold with locals, their home base and always keeping that connection as a priority is vital to lasting company brand loyalty. Burningman started in Black Rock City, and it stays in Black Rock City because they know the value of the staying true to yourself, their followers transcend borders but they always pay homage to home. Stay connected with your people, and your beginning.

Great content will reinforce brand loyalty, keeping your base coming to your events year after year. Converting new customers is seven times more expensive than retaining current clients, do not waste the investment by allowing your marketing to backslide. Remaining engaged, adding value by creating experiences, educating or staying tuned in to your client’s interests will increase the value of the content you produce and in turn, increase traffic and sales.

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